Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Dog's Life On The Road

Yippee doodle do!

A dog's point of view...

A Big Wheel RV Park has a new dog camp. I can run, I can chase, I can fetch, I can play, I can dig, I can have a goofy good time!

A dog bench, just for me. I can do my dog yoga, keep my bag of toys and water on it and prance like a monkey too.

Oh I found a ball in the dog camp. I love it so much I am going to kiss it!
 This ball is my new best friend and new favorite toy. I am going to hug it tightly wiff my wittle paws.

Now I am going to run like a bullet carrying my new ball and scaring all the leaves!

I can't remember if I am digging to find that  mole or digging for China, or looking for the toy I buried, but either way it's loads of fun to get my paws dirty and toss around soil.

I am one lucky little dog!


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