Monday, October 26, 2015

Smile If You Woke Up Alive

It's 6:43am and I am waiting waiting waiting for the SUN RISE.

Somehow, in my tiny little brain, it's a wonderful validation, that I woke up alive and all is well. Life is good and I am blessed to have a roof over my head and food in the pantry plus many angels both earthly and heavenly, watching over me and sometimes even holding my hand when I am scared.

What we often take for granted, others are fervently praying for.

If you want to put yourself on a shopping diet, use your camera.

Take pictures of your home, be it an RV or sticks and bricks. Photograph each room at every angle possible. Download the pics and let the horror show begin!

The first thing I notice about mine, is that I need to catch up on the housekeeping and organizing. The next is, get rid of the junk. Shopping suddenly seems like a pursuit from the distant past.

And now... some fun pictures!

This was posted in downtown St Marys, Georgia. I think it's hilarious!

This is my inspiration for a Halloween mermaid good witch costume complete with trick or treat bag (dark chocolate please!)

Besides I love big hats. I am traveling with a big (faded) purple straw hat that has been to many countries and sailed quite a few boats. I wore it much of this summer for fun and shade too.

Here I am in the South Saluda River in South Carolina on a super hot humid day in a very cold river cooling off. The next day the mud cleared up, but I don't seem to have a pic of that. I was still hobbling around with a quad cane then, but it didn't stop me from hiking to the river or getting in it.

Matter of fact, on another note. It's a proven fact that communities that do not have a bicycle helmet law, have MORE people out on their bicycles. One doctor commented, that if we are going to have helmet laws for bicycles, we need to add laws for knee pads and elbow pads and shin pads and so on. He thinks helmet laws do keep more folks off their bicycles rather than on them in a community. So less laws please and more cardio bike riding for fun.

I've been looking at bicycle helmets and not pleased with the less than fashionable looks they offer. I also read that most head injuries from cycling are from car collisions. So maybe car drivers need to stop texting and pay attention. Any which way you look at it, we need MORE bicyclists on the roads, paths and sidewalks. It's very eco friendly, it's fun, it's fabulous cardio exercise with rewarding sightseeing as a bonus. It's addicting. Now that I have my new comfy bicycle, I am on it several times a day. Everything around me is falling by the wayside, but at least my cardio fitness is improving dramatically. Have I lost any weight? Good grief no, my body is bound and determined to cling to every last ounce. Maybe one day I will break the barrier, but for now, I do have very fit calves and slender ankles. Life is goof!

I found this wonderful site and this beautiful helmet I really like (pictured below). Matter of fact they have lots of stylish helmets for men and women... at a price, but it seems fair enough when you read into the work and quality that goes into each helmet.

Now THAT trendy helmet below,  I will wear and smile like the pretty bicyclist here. Yes! That is a bicycle helmet. These aren't cheap, but for the style and protection, I could be encouraged to wear one often! Keep my silly head more or less protected from injury and sun.

I am seriously thinking about sending a letter to Santa Claus and mentioning this helmet (instead of the dark chocolate).

Well, the sun is making a peek a boo appearance and I've got loads to do today.

Better start on housekeeping first!

Home sweet home, in need of tidying up!

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  1. your place looks better than any place i've ever lived.

    ice cream. raz


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