Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Goofy Girl and Her Bike

A goofy life...

schwinn point beach bicycle
My Schwinn Point Beach bicycle keeps evolving as I try to make it more comfy. The Hobson dual pad seat is awesome, no pressure on my tailbone and no cantankerous painful horn to deal with either. The brackets holding the front fender began rusting within a few weeks of purchasing this bike from Walmart. Eventually they failed and the front fender is riding around somewhere in the motorhome now. *SIGH*

I found the old fashioned chrome retro mirror at a store in the tiny community of Indiantown, Florida that had an amazingly useful inventory. This mirror really WORKS and is sturdy. Before that, I had a fancy piece of junk mirror that attached to the end of the handlebars and it was so flimsy it kept breaking. I spent so much time repairing it that one day I threw it in the garbage rather than repair it for the 5th or 6th time. I wrote a scathing review about it to warn others.

Don't cha just hate it when you buy something useful and it turns out to be a useless piece of junk?

I wanted some tassels to fly in the wind on my handlebars. I know... goofy! But I bought these leather motorcycle grips for fun. The leather feels great on my hands, so it was more than just a vanity purchase. I get fun comments on them from time to time.

Awhile back I was riding at Hunting Island to go to the beach. When I stopped to push my bicycle across the sandy portion so I could reach the packed sand for riding, an older gentleman caught up to me. He made my day! He said "I just love the way you have your bicycle all fixed up!"

Some folks ask me if I have front disc brakes, but that is my front wheel electric motor. I have a magic button, when the going gets tough, the tough push a button! This kit can be bought to install on most any type of bicycle. I do love it because it gives me the confidence to get up and go. If you are having trouble riding your bicycle, get this electric kit. You will be on your bicycle every day!

What's funny is I get more exercise with the electric kit than I did without it. That is because I forget I have the thing, so I pedal around. But when I am tired or the headwinds are defeating me, I just press the button and get some silent electric assistance. The kit isn't cheap, but it's worth every penny and comes complete, ready to adapt to your bicycle. If I ever upgrade to a different bicycle, I can move the kit over with me to a different bicycle. The battery is stashed in my rear basket, but it can be strapped to the rear rack. I have an electric cord to recharge it when I am through riding.

In spite of my broken wrist, I am trying to ride my bicycle some each day. Sadly, I've found it easier to ride without my pooch for now. He is not amused. Poor thing. He has done about 99% of my bicycle miles with me. But I taught him not to leap out of his basket, to wait for a human to gently lift him out after I have stopped. It's getting him out of the basket that is super painful for my recuperating wrist. I have to twist my wrist in a manner it's not ready to twist so poor doggy, he doesn't get to ride much lately.

Typically I have to stop and rest when out riding my bicycle, so I lift the doggy out and we walk or play until I am ready to ride again. We both look forward to the day when he can ride with me fulltime again.

bicycle dog


  1. hey. if i don't miss my guess that is really a motorcycle mirror. that is good. it will be a lot more grenade proof. or hd proof. if you don't ride in the rain, you don't need fenders. i think your bike looks great. it "fits you". good move, that is not true of most people.

    ice cream. raz

  2. I bought a bicycle about a year ago and it is rusting. The rims are really rusted. When I was a kid we always had second hand bikes and I don't remember them rusting like this. I was a pretty good bike mechanic when I was 11 or 12. If we didn't fix them ourselves we didn't have a bike to ride.

  3. Poor Harley! He's still the cutest little guy. Glad you're healing. Stay safe, Martha Petru


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