Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ponderances of a Complicated World

I know I am a one-off with wild ideas about day to day life. Some days I feel like the only lonely unicorn, looking for an elusive unicorn to ease that feeling of "you are not alone".

Mermaiding began to save me from persecution. Sounds weird, but before the internet, many small countries were able to actively control the news media. Now with the internet, word gets out from the denizens of what is really happening. That was on a small island and now I am in the wonderful USA.

Conform conform conform...
It seems in this complicated country we are constantly being asked to conform conform conform as if individuality is a thing of the past to be stomped out and eradicated. Many basic rights are eroded, a plethora of far too many ridiculous laws are being added to the books while none of the outdated laws are being removed. Police departments are being beefed up for marshal law. If I hear another 911 excuse... I could possibly scream at the top of my lungs. It seems to be the excuse for everything... because of 911... your personal freedoms have nearly vanished.

I personally think it should have been a wakeup call to pull back on fighting overseas wars and bring back the troops. Focus more on protecting our borders and rebuilding our failing infrastructure. Let the other countries worry about their own problems and quit poking our nose into them trying to be the end all, while our homeland suffers. (I bet if you are reading this, you can think of a dozen roads you have driven recently that are in serious need of repairs. )

OK, I shouldn't discuss politics or religion here, cause it opens up a can of worms and stress that I might not be able to deal with. So I offer up my apologies!

Now I will focus on RV's and their designers. Are they depressed and colorless?

I've been looking at new and used RV's for fun. It's great entertainment and costs little to "go look". What I am seeing is RV's designed by depressing folks in windowless cubicles who have a great need for excessive large TV's and fake wood.

It would seem they are designing RV's in depressing colors with scant windows and humongous TV's. In one case in a small Class C, the salesman was drooling, he was so excited that the RV came with SIX TV's. Yepper, if I had not seen it myself, I would think it was  a weird fantasy!

If you need 6 TV's to go camping... why bother? Just stay home with your comforts.

I find TV's to be brainwashing. I want independent creative thought, so I tend to stay away from them. Sure, I've been known to watch TV when I am sick and maybe that's why I sort of detest them. A TV reminds me of being ill. (I think they can make you ill too! All that overly sensational news... I hear better stuff gossiping over coffee. I want to giggle... not cry!)

The cave.

I want an RV with lots of sunshiny windows, I want to SEE my world, not hide from it. If I need to hide, I can close the curtains or lower the shades. So why are so many newer RV's being built with scant few windows, some tinier than a pizza box?

I will trade excessive storage and ridiculously large TV's in the name of having big sunny windows.

I can live with less and do more.


Color my world... please!

What's wrong with designing a colorful RV? I've seen so many depressing neutral color schemes. Dark shades, dark wood, dark upholstery, dark carpets. Yucky poo! Some of us want eye candy, we don't want a neutral ho-hum life. Many folks use their RV's to travel to warmer weather, so what's with all the dark wintry colors? I am confused on this issue.

And please... I am NOT trying to insult anyone and their taste in their own RV, I just wish the designers and manufacturers would put on their creative colorful caps and offer up some diverse choices. Some of us want happy joyful colors in our day to day lives.

Fake wood. I am so sick and tired of fake wood. matter of fact, I want to paint over all the fake wood in my RV. Nothing wrong with creamy pastel colors as a backdrop for a sunny life. Put the optimism back in decor!

I guess all in all, I want a shady place for a sunny person; me!

Enough ranting...

I am happy enough in my little old motorhome. I keep patching, repairing, upgrading, so that I feel comfortable and in love with it.

I ran into someone that fell out of love with their RV so they are punishing it now by refusing to make any needed repairs. Somehow this doesn't work for me. I have trouble wrapping my head around that idea. I feel sorry for the "punished" RV.

For months I had a great friend traveling with me. He likes being busy, so lucky for me, he willingly completed many of my started projects. I tend to be slow and sometimes weak, so projects are taking me longer and longer. Even worse, I shattered my wrist and healing is taking a lot longer than I had hoped, but I torture it every day with exercise and therapy. (OUCH!)

I have a bad habit of collecting up parts and supplies for future projects, some which might be classified as whimsical, others as necessary. Sometimes I actually get the project started and eventually finished. It's more or less pretty and functional. My friend has a much better skill set and sheer strength. So he cobbled together many of my wild ideas and used up much of my inventory of to-do parts, supplies and wishes. Wow! I owe him many many thanks.

And I owe many many angels like you mega thanks for providing the funding for the parts and supplies. THANK YOU!

Some things you wouldn't even notice, but I know they are there. Like we took all the rust off the hidden propane tank and painted it bright white. It looks brand new... if you open the storage locker to stare at it.

Well, I have to go exercise the dog, then exercise me on the bicycle in between fog and rain.

Life is goof.

I woke up alive with an RV full of semi-finished projects and life is really quite wonderful.

Please pardon my rants!

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  1. I'm with you, these new RV's are to dark not enough windows. And who needs all those TV's? Like you said what's the point in going anywhere just to sit and watch tv. I have been to campgrounds where you never see a sole because they just sit inside and watch TV.

  2. I think you are a wise woman and I agree with everything you say. I watch from up here in Canada and it does seem like your police are beefing up for what, civil unrest. A bit scary to watch!! We just elected a new government and have now pulled out of working with the US bombing in Syria. We, the people, never agreed to that so we kicked his butt out as soon as we could. I agree with you there too, those countries should take care of their own problems.

    I guess with RV's they leave them plain so people can pretty them up as they wish but I do think they need to add nicer textiles. They can be so bland.

    Stay happy!!


Life is goof!