Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Old Bike New Bike

Still no car. Well, forget the car, I still don't have one, and I guess it may be never before I ever do, but I bought a new bicycle. I guess the car can wait a few more years/decades/never. I have a little old motorhome so I am mobile as needed (on six wheels) and for the past  3 years, I've incorporated bicycle riding (on 2 wheels.)

But now, bicycling is even more fun!

New bike, old bike. Yepper, I love that cranberry red color on both bicycles.

day 6 dream 24 bicycles, schwinn point beach bicycle

On the left is my new Day 6, Dream 24, on the right is my old Schwinn. 

I am waiting on a backordered rear bracket so I can add my wicker baskets to the Day 6. Both of the bicycles are 26 inch wheels, just the angle illusion makes them appear different in the picture.

Matter of fact the Day 6 on the left has the electric front wheel kit installed which used to be on the Schwinn. I switched the tires around too, so the Day 6 has both new tires and the Schwinn has the original tires. Now I am sleeping with the spare wheel (spokes and rim) that was leftover from making the electric assist conversion.

My friend rode my old bicycle, I rode the new one and we went on an 11 mile trip. PHEW! This is new for me!

Earlier in the day I spent 2 hours writing a Craigslist ad for selling my old Schwinn. I listed everything nice I could say about it. When I came home, the phone rang, a couple drove over to see the bike, and in under 20 minutes, bought the Schwinn and left. I was super impressed to sell it so quickly being that there were hundreds and hundreds of bicycles for sale on the Jacksonville Florida craigslist which is where I had to advertise it, yet I am 40 miles outside of Jacksonville.

The young couple had a sad tale. They had their new bicycles on a bike rack attached to their jeep. They were speeding down a highway when the bike rack failed and all their bicycles were destroyed. OUCH! So now they were out shopping for used bicycles because the weather was perfect and they wanted to get back to bicycle riding.

I am happy my old Schwinn found a new home so quickly, but I admit, like big kid, I had to wipe away a tear from my eye as they drove away with my bike.

Day 6 Dream 24 bicycle, semi recumbant bicycle



  1. Nice bike and very interesting seat. Please let me know how you like it. I am the lady who also has an electric bike and am considering a new seat with some additional padding. I just got some foam stuff I am going to use to pad my grips because I had carpal tunnel surgery 10 months ago and my hand is still sore. Before you know it, it will be a handicap bike!

  2. a guy in my county seat has a day6. i haven't talked to him, but i can tell it is a comfortable ride. not fast, but comfortable. enjoyable. i think it will fit you. enjoy.

    ice cream. raz

  3. This bicycle is plenty fast! Don't let the leisurely seat fool you. That seat increases torque for pedaling with ease while going faster!

    I too padded my grips with foam for awhile, hidden by the leather tassels on my Schwinn. On my new bicycle I have added the leather grips, but only with a bit of rubber padding, not the thick foam I was using before. So far SUPER comfy.


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