Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Doggone Video

If you need a giggle and a smile today, I uploaded a video of  Harley dog in his raincoat on Jekyll Island in Georgia. The sky was gray and looked like rain. I put Harley's rain coat on him so he would brave the weather to go for a bicycle ride. At one point I had to stop and rest. My broken wrist hurts like the devil so I have to park my bicycle after about 10-15 minutes of riding. In this case, I let Harley loose, dragging his leash and brought along a tennis ball to entertain him. He hardly needs any entertaining at all as you will see from his goofy video. By the way, all that shaking and rolling is not about the raincoat, it's the way he is whenever he is awake. He shakes and dances! The video starts off shaky (my hands shake sometimes too!) but it clears up. The crazy speed you see him run is really him running, nothing has been done to alter the video.

Direct link to Harley's youtube video:

Or you can view it below. Enjoy a giggle! If this makes you laugh, Harley paws-itively loves a comment (or a bag of treats!) Sorry, he wrote that, not me.

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  1. Very funny, but what the heck is he wearing:)

  2. He is wearing his bright yellow rain coat. The hood was too large, it blinded him on the sides, so I superglued it in half so he could see better.


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