Thursday, October 08, 2015

Random Scenes from Jekyll Island in Georgia

I lined up my motorhome nice and neat between the lines in the back of the parking lot,taking up only 2 spots, then I went grocery shopping. I was delighted when I came out that some thoughtful soul had left me a written compliment on my windshield.

It read "Parking Fine".

Is it true what they say?

If I drive slow, they call me an idiot, if I drive fast, they call me a maniac, if I keep to the speed limit, they call me an old fart.

I like to take my time and pay attention on bridges. The winds can suddenly be brisk without warning. A motorhome has a lot of windage.

It's so pristine, this house looks like a whimsical doll house, but it was a photo I snapped from the bridge above of a waterfront home down below.

Suspended bridges fascinate me.

 Jekyll Island campground has loads of signs scattered around the campground, including this curious one posted outside the laundry and community room.

It's good to have wide open spaces in a park.

Harley was supposed to be guarding the bicycles while we took a stretching break. Instead he began playing with his golf ball which he knocked off the bridge into the muck below. After some serious barking (his way of coaxing inanimate objects  in an attempt to get them to come  back to him) he realized it wasn't going to climb up on the bridge by itself afterall. A human was dispatched after much puppy begging and pleading to go down into the mud to rescue his beloved toy. Oh the things we do for a six pound monkey, oops, doggy.

 Campgrounds is nature's way of making sure the mosquitoes are well fed. Noseums seem to invade the beach late in the afternoon during happy hour. We call this slappy hour. This is low tide on Jekyll Island during slappy hour.

Harley dog thought this errant crab claw was the grandest toy! He carried it around, tossed it in the air, caught it again, shook it from side to side, then repeated the carry, toss, catch, shake over and over while waddling down the beach with us before finally burying his treasure to be discovered another day.

The bicycle and hiking paths on Jekyll Island are mostly very well kept and quite scenic. It was great fun to ride them even though I have to stop often. One day I hope to be able to ride for an hour without stopping for "pain" breaks. Not sure if it's me or the type of bicycle I ride. My friend has helped me adjust everything to try to make it more comfy. It's still a somewhat entertaining way to get some much needed exercise. Mostly my antics entertain others.

Harley with a mouth full of tennis ball on the break on a biking hiking trail. It was sprinkling rain off and on, but in his raincoat he becomes fearless.



  1. Has Jekyll Island fallen prey to the temptation to have a Hyde Park? If not, maybe you could find a community ear, into which to whisper such a suggestion :-)

  2. We spent a week in that campground, very nice.

  3. Ahhh, Jekyll of my most favorite spots in the world.

    LOL, love the doggy rain coat.


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