Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 6 Bicycle All Blinged Up and Ready to Ride


My inner child has escaped.


She's startling the neighborhood, flying by on a Dream 24, Day 6 cranberry red bicycle with assorted baskets, often a puppy in tow. You can spot her with a bandanna tied across her forehead holding back hip length long hair and a big goofy grin on her face. Known for colorful bike shorts and Candace Crocs on the souls of her feet. Wears prescription dark glasses. If inner child is found, approach with giggles, return before dark. No questions asked. Can often be lured with peanut butter chocolate or mint ice cream. Last seen pedaling away on this bicycle. 

This is my new ride and I am so excited! By the way, my old Schwinn sold within an hour of listing it for sale, I am totally amazed. Even better, it was less than 3 years old, but sold for a third of original cost. Not bad!

Pictured above is my brand new Dream 24, Day 6. This is the smaller frame, with 24 speeds. As you can see, I've been busy tricking it out. Most of the fluff I pulled off my old Schwinn.

I guess you could say I've converted it to a touring bike!

Here's the equipment list with links to the source:

Day 6, Dream 24 Semi-Recumbent Comfort Bicycle in Cranberry Red
The ultra plush comfy seat comes with a built-in zippered backpack (how cool is that?)

Front wheel electric conversion kit with 20 mile battery

Wicker Front Basket with quick release bracket and handle

Brass Bike Bell (Ding! Ding! Here I come, ready or not!)

Stainless Steel Bicycle Cup Holder

Front  LED Bike Light with Strobe, High and Low Beam with 360 tilt and swivel

Rear Panniers,  Dual Wicker Baskets with hooks and handles

Lubricated Chain by White Lightning Clean Ride

Leather grips with leather streamers

Other than that, I don't have much bling on my bicycle. Although, I am seriously smitten with this bud vase for the handlebars! It's on my wish list.

Oh and I kind of forgot the most important thing!

Love thy neighbor... but lock up the bicycle.


  1. Those are some expensive bikes.

  2. expensive compared to walmart. i have not had a bike that cost less than 1k. most way more. that doesn't count accessorizes. hell my roller skates were well above 1k and that was in 1988. nice ride.

    ice cream. raz

  3. I look for value equals money.

    Sure there are $99 brand new bicycles on the market. Everyone should strive to afford one, the health benefits emotionally, mentally and physically are absolutely tremendous. I don't know of another single thing you can spend $99 on and get so much bang for your buck.

    To say that Day 6 are expensive, is somewhat true.

    But in my case, I feel like the bang for the buck was more than equal. I feel like I received tremendous value for my costs.

    Sure I wish they were cheaper, and maybe when America starts beholding bicycles for their true worth, adaptive bicycles like this can be mass marketed at a cheaper price without compromising the quality.

    I didn't jump out of the fry pan into the fire, I spent nearly 3 years riding a $180 Schwinn to see how I felt about adding bicycling to my life.

    If you want to improve your emotional, metal and physical health, consider a bicycle. If you feel intimidated by the strength requirements, get an electric kit add-on like I did.

    I pedal MORE since I have the confidence that I can and will get back home again, or up that hill or into that head wind.

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