Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Paradise Found

This blogger and I have a hard time with editing, so that is why you often seen big gaps between my paragraphs. Somehow me and this editor at blogger or blogspot or whatever google is calling this place these days, are at odds with each other, but still I keep posting. It's 72 degrees and I am very cold, bundled up in warm clothes and slippers, debating about crawling back under the covers.

I will share some of my peace in paradise:

I spent a few days with the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band of Ohio.  I was invited to the Pow Wow, but I preferred just the peace and privacy, so I moved on before it started.   I stayed in their small South Wind Campground,  and had tons of solitude. Harley, the puppy dog, had abundant room to run and play on a super long tether. I wasn't feeling too well, my face was still swollen up and very achy,  on one side from some mysterious ailment, I never did figure out, but still we took some nice walks.   I got a chance to snap a few photos. 

I just recently realized, you can click on any of my photos on this entire blog to enlarge them. 

We enjoyed the serenity and privacy before the Pow Wow started. 
At sunset, the overcast sky is reflected in the fishing pond. 
It was cloudy and rainy much of the time, but we didn't mind a  bit. 
It was only early August, yet this tree was beginning to show off shades of autumn colors. 

We loved hiking around the pond and catching glimpses of it from different angles. Puppy had to be very patient while I stopped often to focus the camera. 
Beautiful flowers were growing wildly.
I pondered the meaning of this seemingly abandoned catch in the tall grass. 
Red Fox Pond
Every walk surprised us with  colorful treats from Mother Nature.
Maybe these pictures will help you understand my dislike for cities of concrete and asphalt. 
I'm a child of the planet, happiest, when closer to nature. 
Our water hookup sprung a leak. Harley readily  adapted to his new fresh water fountain. 
Harley naps with one alert ear, just in case. 
It's hard to believe he's only been with me 10 weeks now.
 He is not even 8 months old yet. 
His fur has really filled out on his new healthier diet. 
We both get cold easily. 
A farm cat snuck inside the motorhome and tried his bed out for size.
Harley refused to use his bedding again, until the human ran it through a washer and dryer. 
After a few days of staring at it suspiciously and curious sniffs, he finally moved back into it. 
He weighs all of 5 pounds (about 2.2 kilos). 

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