Monday, August 23, 2010

Yippee! I'm Getting Married!

Shopping for a wedding gown...  It's got to be the most exciting time in a woman's life!

He hasn't officially asked and I haven't officially said yes, but we're both kicking around the idea.

Where to start?

Yep, I'm seriously  thinking about getting married. If I'm lucky enough, I could be my betroth's fourth or fifth bride.

Well, what the heck, at his age, I expect  my intended to have some old baggage (or some old bag!)

So, I am looking around and getting ideas for my Wedding Gown.

Obviously, I want something that doesn't even compare with the other three brides in his sordid past life, so I am checking out the truly unique gowns.

Before the wedding, he has to sign a pre-nup, stating he will never ever mention his past bags, um, wives,  in my presence.  Never.

Hey, why dig up the past?  I'll be number ONE now, so who cares?  Out with the old, in with the new!  Something borrowed, something blue!

As I find the Wedding Gowns that interest me, I am keeping this notebook below with pictures and comments. I figure I can hire my own designer, and they can combine the best of each into my finished Wedding Gown.

Feel free to comment and vote for the best dress!

Your opinion counts. (NOT!)

Ooops!  Do I sound like bridezilla already?

Excuse me.

I play nice, now.

I've heard it's best if you are quite modest, to keep your husband interested and excited.  This might can work...

A stylish Wedding Gown, in a generous Plus Size. (That should tactfully hide any weight I've gained since my teen years!)

Here's a great "go green" recycled wedding gown;  Dad's shirt and Mom's apron, with a bedsheet for a train, plus Grandma's orthopedic shoes. The bride is positively thrilled to be wearing this sensational dress. Lucky girl!

A very practical wedding gown; made entirely from condoms!
Dress designed by the bride's mother (who clearly doesn't want grandchildren anytime soon, in her future!)
Can you imagine the groom carrying her/me over the threshold?  
POP!  BANG!  BOOM!  Talk about an explosive wedding night!

Now here's a modest Wedding Gown, it's nicely tailored for the big bosom gal who wants to minimize her girls. 

Now, there's a thought, having the wedding cake designed to look nothing like the bride. (I must call the bakery right away and ask about this!)

A Simple train on a Wedding Gown adds flair. (And those bridesmaids' outfits are positively stunning!)

Now this is a clever Wedding Gown, designed to cover up those hideous cellulite problems. 

Having a bad hair day? This Wedding Hat with veil could be just the ticket (and  saves on having to hire a hair stylist for the event.) Pairing it with this gorgeous Night Gown, means you can wear it to bed on your wedding night too. Very clever. 

A budget minded Wedding Gown.
 The guests can eat it at the reception!

Now here's an idea.  This wedding gown was tastefully modified to completely hide the fact, that the bride is expecting.  Well done!

I found this lovely Wedding Dress modeled on an auction website, I must hurry and place my bid! (Say, did I read he won that in the divorce?)

Something borrowed, something blue...  
Those flowers are stunning with the dress, wonder where they grew those?

I just LOVE that makeup job. 
I must positively track down that makeup artist and have her do mine too, for the big day!

Wedding Shoes, I must not forget the ever important shoes for my special day. These are just divine. 

Now here's a chic dress for a modern woman like me. 

Oh I must must find out who did her hair and get that stylist to do mine too. I hope we can look as great as this couple on their wedding day!

Of course, my little pooch needs to be dressed up for the big day.  Here's a snazzy outift, in my wedding colors of black, white and pink!

Now this is an option too, for my canine kid, he could double as the ring bearer. (Though he would never sit still long enough for that fur-cut!)

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  1. That was a hilarious series of wedding gowns. I laughed out loud!

  2. Congratulations on your pending nuptials and thanks for following 365 Days of Emmylou Harris. Re gowns, I'm partial to the fifth one down, but that's just me. I recommend the Caribbean for a wedding trip, but it seems that it wouldn't be much of an escape for you! Love BVI!

  3. omg. that was the funniest.
    thanks so much for sharing.
    congrats too.


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