Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lost and Found (or Not)

Ooops, almost skipped a day writing and posting. I did do some writing, just didn't get it posted here yet, as I was doing some research for three different articles. 

My camping neighbor needed to drive 30 miles to the nearest town, to shop for a funeral dress (she's not dead, her friend is) so she invited me to go along. 

I told her it was all her fault that my housekeeping had fallen by the wayside, because usually I have to keep everything organized and put away, so I can drive my motorhome to go shopping for food and puppy toys. Since I've been in this campground, she has invited me to go shopping with her once every week, so my motorhome is looking very lived in these days. 
My current campground at Carthage Gap in Coolville, Ohio.
You can click the picture to enlarge. The tiny X marks the tree where I am hiding. The two lakes are part of the camp, and actually below the campground, we are on a ridge above it. The section to the right is the new area for big rigs.  It's nicknamed the desert, because the trees are so tiny, you can't even see them in this satellite image. 

Thanks to her, I've explored many shops. Today we went to a mall, but about 40% of the mall had empty store spaces. Kind of sad. The main anchor store, was having a big sale, with many clothing and shoe items marked as much as 85% off. 

I couldn't find any sale clothes I liked  at all, but I lucked out with a really nice pair of good comfy sandals, made for serious walking. Since puppy keeps me walking, and I don't do the lace up athletic type shoes, these were perfect and after the sales price and discounts, I ended up with $50 shoes for $7.  These are the type that have the molded cork with thick rubber soles. Since I plan to head for warmer weather, they should come in handy.

We stopped a few other places and I picked up some groceries plus a long handled scrubber for my back when showering. I finally found a knife sharpener.  I've lost mine. I took it inside my friend's house to use, about six states and 8 weeks back, and well I may have just left it there. 

I seem to be leaving a trail of stuff behind. I was at another friend's place and took a bunch of homemade food in my favorite containers to their house to share, and well guess what. They've inherited my containers. Ditto for my nice lawn chaise chair, that was quickly put in their shed, during the rain one day.

At a campground, puppy's squeaky barbell  that he loved, was accidentally left behind because the rains started pouring, while I was coiling up his tether and simultaneously trying to keep him from running off. I had previously picked up all his other toys, and just left him with one to play with. He had a huge area to run and play while on a long tether, and he was enjoying his last bit of freedom before we hit the road. We got in the motorhome, and I forgot to go back out for the squeaky toy. 

At another friend's house, I somehow left a carpet runner behind, but they met up with me at a campground nearby and delivered it back to me. I was using it as an outdoor carpet, to clean shoe soles as so many were coming and going during the floor tiling project. When it rained, someone tossed it in the garage.  

I never thought I was such a scatterbrain about possessions. At least I keep remembering the puppy!  When I came home, he was super excited to see me arrive.  I dumped my shopping on the patio while he wiggled like a palm frond in a hurricane, attempting to plant 50 kisses on me at once. Gosh, it's fun to be worshiped so enthusiastically!

He looks at the sacks of groceries, and thinks I am a fantastic hunter, able in a few hours to hunt, kill, clean and bag up enough to last us for a week or more.   I pulled out a tasty treat for him, which he gratefully gobbled down.  Finally I got the refrigerated stuff put away, while he excitedly raced around the motorhome begging for an outing.  I put on the new walking sandals, bagged up some garbage and we went for a  long walk after dropping off the trash.

Since it's Friday afternoon, many of the weekend warriors have shown up to utilize their travel trailers, fifth wheels and a few odd motor coaches parked here for the summer season. Quite a few fire pits were already blazing.

Life is good and it's rather cool here tonight.

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