Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hurricane Earl or Himmacane Earl

Ahoy!  I've been  busy watching Hurricane Earl head to my former stomping ground, the Virgin Islands.

11pm 08 29 2010

Hurricane Earl 8pm Sunday 08 29 10
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Hurricane Earl 5pm 08 29 2010
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Hurricane Earl 5pm 08 29 2010
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Hurricane Earl 2pm 08 29 10

For about 12 years, I wrote weather reports and island tales on a blog set up at StormCarib.Com.  I still supply information for the blog, though others in the islands contribute local conditions. 

I am so homesick, I miss the islands and the beauty, but I sure don't miss the hurricanes. 

The future Fiona hurricane is in the making in the middle of the Atlantic. 

Pray for the sailors, pray for the islanders, pray for the fools like me. 

Here is a favorite picture from May 2007:

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