Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Be Limin' in Coolville, Mon

Limin' in the West Indies, where I spent much of the past 22 years, means to laze about or go out on the town. Mon of course is MAN. "We be" is also West Indian lingo.

I got lost. Now I be in Coolville.  Reminds me of something the hippies would have named it in the 60's. However, the community was named around 1818 for Simeon Cooley, father of settler Ashel Cooley.  The town is less than a mile square.

In 1798 a company of about forty persons, including men, women and children, started from near Springfield, Massachusetts, for the west. They landed at Belpre, Ohio and in 1799 came to what is now Troy township settling on the Hockhocking (later known as the Hocking River) about seven miles from its mouth.

At this early period the great majority of the emigrants to Athens county came down the Ohio River to the mouth of Hockhocking. Traveling inland required ascending that river in pirogues or canoes.

About 1815 a road was laid out from the mouth of Hockhocking up the eastern bank of the river to Federal creek, where it intersected the Federal creek road from the Ames settlement. Simeon Cooley, the eldest son of Ashel Cooley, built a mill and in connection with it, what was then considered a large distillery. The settlement of Coolville was begun in 1814 by Simeon W. Cooley and his son Heman. He laid out the village near his mill in 1818, and it was incorporated in 1855. The village was named Coolville, an abbreviated version of 'Cooleyville'.

Carthage and Coolville are located in Athens County, Ohio 

The campground isn't located in Coolville, but their mailing address is. 528 people live in Coolville according to the 2000 census.

They say the  population remains steady:

Every time a new baby is born; someone leaves town...

Two towns nearby are named Torch and Frost.

I had these picture below in a special order, but this blog editor has a mind of its own when it comes to formatting. Very frustrating at times.

Lost again, rambling down a graveled road in the Ohio countryside.
Someone suggested I should cahnge my name from Dear Miss Mermaid to The Lost Mermaid.

This bucolic scene greets the eyes at the entrance to Carthage Gap Campground near Coolville, Ohio.

This is how you level a motorhome, with 4 boards, and 1 dog toy on a gravel spot, that is not level.

After I arrived, the tractor was used to back this travel trailer into a nifty spot, because the owner couldn't negotiate with his tow vehicle in the campground.

This modern tractor with front and backhitches, is often used to stuff travel trailers into tight spots.
I was able to back into this postage stamp spot.  It took me three tries, by myself, to get it exactly between the paved patio and the massive shade tree.  I had to back across the grass, but now puppy and I have a beautiful yard to play fetch, keep-away, hide-and-seek, golf, football, softball, Frisbee, tennis and tangle up the puppy-tether.

Harley put his purple harness away so well, that neither of us could find it. Even though it was warm, he had to wear his vest until the errant harness could be found. It's his "I'm a Park Ranger" vest. It was miles too big, but he has fattened up considerably, so it almost fits. 
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