Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bear Bathing or Bare Bullsh*t

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An email arrived today with these pictures below and a note:

People living in Colorado Springs wondered why their water barrel was almost empty every day.  They set up a camera and caught a bear bathing.

Well, he's back.  

Big Al came for his weekly bath again this week. He really looks like he enjoys the experience. He needs a bigger tub, will think about that for next year.

I ran around the internet trying to verify this, and couldn't make any conclusions, one way or the other. What I did discern is this:

All the pictures are not from the same angle, hence setting up a camera to catch these automatically may not be true at all.

Apparently, according to an article by Linda Navarro entittled "Did You Ever Wonder:" in the Colorado Springs Gazette, catching rainwater is not legal;

The water falling onto your property will eventually get into streams and creeks and is already owned by senior water right holders downstream. It has been that way since the mid-1800s and you would be stealing from the rightful owner.

Having read that, I can understand why the owner of the photos doesn't want to be identified. Looking again, at the photos, there doesn't seem to be a downspout feeding the barrel.

Given that another site, claims Colorado Springs only gets an  annual average precipitation of 17.4 inches, filling up that rain barrel without it being attached to a specific downspout, could take some time.

Did that rain barrel have help from a garden hose?  In one picture, you can clearly see a reflection of the sky, not somebody's roof gutter.

Is the bear being fed and visits this spot regularly?  Is this spot in a bear refuge or rescue?  The bear does look well fed, whatever the circumstances.

In other words, I have no idea if the caption included in the email is true or not. But the pictures are certainly super cute.

This article written in loving memory of Lost Lil Bear, my beloved black cat of 9 years, who vanished through misadventure, near Blacksburg, South Carolina, during my travel from the Caribbean to the USA. I may never know his fate, but I miss him with all my heart, everyday. 

Just posting his picture here, has brought tears to my eyes. I pray that angels will reunite us one day soon. 

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  1. love the bear photos!!..made us laugh..don't know if it was staged but cute just the same..thanks for following my blog..I am joining yours also..coming along for the ride!

  2. Thanks for doing the research. I too smelled something fishy (salmon maybe?) about pictures that were supposedly taken automatically. But nevertheless they're adorable.


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