Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soon Come, As We Say in The Islands

I am going to start posting again everyday. I promise.
Harley with both ears up!  Rare for him.

I have internet now, at least for a few weeks I do. But I've been under the weather and driving through bad weather. Now my puppy dog doesn't seem his usual hyper, goofy, sociable self. He slept past noon today!

I seem behind on everything, yet I stay super busy everyday and still can't get my to-do-today-list completed. Maybe, getting well, is just taking up way too much time.

Today might be my one year anniversary for getting out of the hospital. I say that because the doctor told me I might not make it another year and I should get my affairs in order.

Well, here I am a year later, in much improved shape, yet, I've not had much medical care at all, some, but not much. I'm still trying to pay off last year's medical debts and the interest on them is horrendous.

Sunset on the Farm, Helena, Ohio

So, all in all I am super happy I am still here! Life is Great! I feel like I could probably make it through year two.


Having my little companion Harley around is a ton of work. But I think we're good for each other.

Now, for those businesses in Tortola, that owe me money and thought I would die before they had to pay me, I'm still ALIVE, so please pay your debts so I can pay mine.

In the Soybean Field, looking for Harley's Frisbee...

I'm astounded at people who refuse to pay their debts. I'm so naive, paying my bills, no matter what, I just thought everyone paid their bills. How wrong I am!

I worked for companies on Tortola, that still haven't paid me for monies they owed me when I suddenly ended up rushed to the hospital and ICU.

Someone suggested I post their names and businesses here, so others would be forewarned. It's not slander, if you tell the truth.

That will probably fall on deaf thieving ears... Oh well!

Patriotic Camper in the Woods

Moving along, got to move along.

My friend sent me a prayer he wrote that is awesome, I want to reprint it here, but he sent it by paper, not electronically, so I have to retype the whole thing or just post a picture of it.

Let me work on that, add it to my list of things to do today...

Well, I am going to try to drag the puppy out for a walk. He loves walks, so if he doesn't like that, then I better run him to a veterinarian. I can't imagine what is wrong with him. He seems listless and lifeless and only wants to sleep.

I pray and hope he will be all right. He's my little buddy that keeps me insane. I wuv him too.

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