Friday, August 20, 2010

Windows XP Service Pack 3, Doesn't Update Since July 12, 2010

UPDATE August 24, 2010

I uninstalled IE8 which reverted to IE6. Somehow I was able to use my AOL program to go on the internet and access Windows Defender. 

I was FRIGHTENED when I saw this:
Luckily, Windows Defender was able to remove this. I am now doing a thorough scan (the first was just a quick scan) to find out what else is on my computer that is causing chaos. IE6 wouldn't let me into this site. Go figure. I read some background on the Conflicker Malware, and that was scary!
Click picture to enlarge. 

Just wondering if you Windows XP folks have noticed that on July 13, 2010, Windows discontinued updates for Windows XP Service Pack 2, but supposedly, updates for Service Pack 3 would continue. 

Well guess what, my computer hasn't updated since July 12th. I have Windows XP Prof. with Service Pack 3 for 32bit. 

I cannot get to the Windows Update website at all.  Most of the articles referring to this program are in the Windows website, and most of the articles will let not let me in, unless I use AOL. The articles I could get to, I followed all the instructions and got nowhere. 

Internet Explorer doesn't work for reaching the windows update site at all.  Ditto for google chrome. AOL lets me read the articles at Microsoft windows, but not reach any updates. 

In other words, I can't update my computer at all. 

If any wizards out there have ANY ideas, that do not involve money, by all means let me know. 

I've already been advised :
     Get a new computer (involves $$)
     Upgrade to Windows 7 (involves $$)
     Get a Mac (involves $$)

None of that is in my un-budget. My budget is so teeny tiny, that I felt super guilty the night puppy dog and I splurged on pizza delivery, after we found money in an old purse of mine. But it sure was FUN!  I couldn't believe we could be in the middle of nowhere and still get a pizza delivered. It was awfully good too. 

My email is:
Author AT 
Replace AT with @ and remove the spaces. I have to write  it like this because of the infernal Spammers. 

Here is what I get when I sneak into the Windows Update through the AOL browser, Internet Explorer 8 refuses to let me go to the website. 

Click picture  to see the image full size (opens in new window)

I checked and my 3 services per instructions were set to run. Funny, I set them yesterday, restarted my computer (shut it down overnight, started this morning) and the service had shut back off, so I have enabled them. 
Click the picture to enlarge (opens in new window)

Ok So I restarted the AOL browser and got this screen: (click to enlarge, new window)

I chose EXPRESS and got this screen which eventually send me back to the same instructions, I am caught in an endless Windows Update Loop!  HELP!

I went back and chose Custom, same error message. 
I went to look at the article for the help number:
I went to the suggested article, which was last updated May 27, 2005. I did all the loops and hoops, but it did NOT fix the problem

Is Microsoft trying to FORCE XP users to upgrade to Windows 7, even if they like XP and don't wish to buy all new programs to work with Windows 7?

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  1. I still have XP on one computer, but my Internet was down for a few days so I haven't noticed updates or anything like that. I use Norton for virus protection but I noticed they icnreased their prices this past year. I did update for the year, but in the mean time I figured out MS offers virus protection free. It updates everytime I turn on the second computer and no virus problems. It's handy. So, as you save money for a new computer or new operating system keep in mind you'll be able to have free virus protection if you look into that.


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