Friday, August 20, 2010

I Am So Ugly, I Am Cute


It is so hard to photograph a puppy dog who is always in motion.  But I finally snatched a photo of my beloved puppy. He was born Christmas 2009, so he is almost 8 months old in this picture. 

He is a Poohuahua. One parent was a Toy Poodle and one was a long hair Chihuahua. You don't get a standard look with this mix, they could be cute or ugly, with curly fur or straight fur or wacky fur. They come in many colors and various sizes. 

What my puppy has is big attitude and super-sized personality. He is very happy, thinks he is a social butterfly, and somewhat spoiled. 

I struggle to teach him manners.  Sometimes I think he doesn't love me, because he runs to others, showering his love on them, totally ignoring me. I think he is tired of the endless training.  I feel very frustrated at times, that he isn't learning quick enough, that I am a lousy trainer. 

But then I look at all the nifty things he has learned.  For instance, my motorhome is safe, as are my shoes. He doesn't destroy my things and he takes pretty good care of his toys.  He LOVES his toys. 

He has learned the name of most of his toys. I can say "Get the kitty!"  and he races to fetch his beloved stuffed kitty. He does know the "no" word and a few other handy words.

I am trying to teach him not to be a yapper, and we argue about this. Sometimes he will shut up when I tell him to be quiet and other times, his hard little head totally ignores me.  

He loves to go for long walks.  I have a hard time getting him to eat some days, but eventually he does eat. He loves to play fetch but doesn't yet get it, to let go of the fetched item. So I pick up another toy and throw it, so that he will release the first one, and fetch the second one.   Because I always name the toy before I throw it, such as "golf ball" or "tennis ball" etc., he has learned the names of his toys. The yard can be scattered with assorted toys and I can tell him to "get the Frisbee "and he will pick the Frisbee out of the pile to choose from. 

He is a good traveler, though he wishes I didn't tie him down when we are motoring around. Actually, I tie his leash to the armrest in the passenger seat. He has enough length to lay on the seat, in his bed, or on the carpet, or on the tiled floor behind the cockpit. I forget what you call the driver area in a motorhome. Cockpit is all I can think of at the moment. 

Cab. I guess the driver area is the cab. 

Recently I tiled the motorhome behind the cab area, so he can lay on the carpet up front, or the tile behind the cab seats.  I would love to give him his freedom, but he would sit behind my shoulder, then  if I hit the brakes suddenly, I would have a flying puppy!  

Whenever I stop the motorhome, like for gasoline, I turn him loose from his seat tether so he can race around the motorhome while I am outside filling up the bottomless tank. He is a seat thief.  When I am working at my desk, and get up for coffee or tea, he immediately takes my seat. Ditto at the gas station. When I open my door, to get back in, there he is, in the driver's seat. 

Next I pull away from the pumps, then try to find a spot to park, so I can take him for a brief walk, in case he needs to water the bushes.  Afterwards, I hook him back into his tethered leash and off we go again.

Mostly he sleeps when we travel. But when I stop or slow down, he often wakes up immediately, to look out the window and see if we are at a campground yet.  

His trademark look is one ear up and one ear down. He can put them both up, but he prefers to look goofy. I love him dearly. He has improved my health vastly. So he is a medical expense, in my book. He gets me walking everyday. That is slowly building up my stamina. 

I am still sick much of the time, ever since I got out of the hospital, it's been a long, slow recovery. But I've made great strides.  Much of my improvement, I owe to my ridiculous puppy dog.  

And angels. 

Angels have come to my rescue numerous times.  It seems I am destined to live another day.  

Yesterday, an angel banged on my screened door. She handed me three sacks of produce, lovingly grown from her garden. I asked her how much I owed her but she refused payment, then dashed away, while I was thanking her.  
Beautiful tasty tomatoes.

One sack had okra, the next had tomatoes, both cherry size and grape size. The third had banana peppers and bell peppers. Yummy!  
Banana Peppers and Bell Peppers

For supper, I made a salad of  tossed greens and her heavenly tomatoes. Oh my gosh, were they ever so delicious.  Fresh tomatoes, right off the vine, can't compare with anything.  I had some Ranch Dressing on the side, and dragged some of them through the dressing, and some I ate plain. Oh, what a treat to the taste buds. 
Okra grown to perfection. 

She had warned me the banana peppers were sometimes mild and sometimes hot. I bit into one, set my mouth on fire, then set it aside for my next Mexican dish. WHEW was it ever HOT. 

I guess I better start a Crockpot of dried  beans, so I can make hot bean burritos with the banana peppers. 

Times are tough, budget is super tight.  How on earth did that angel turn up at my door bearing something I always crave; fresh produce?

It's another lucky miracle for a bewildered Dear Miss Mermaid.

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