Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Custom Motorcycles

Just before my friend roared off, I called his name and snapped this picture. He either built or rebuilt this motorcycle himself.  I should get my story straight. 

But why go straight, when you can go forward?

Biker gangs have often given all bikers an undeserved bad reputation. This is so unfair.

My friend is one of the gentlest people you would ever meet. He also builds custom guitars.  He shrugs off his obvious talents as mere hobbies, but I've seen his work, and he is a true artist.

A friend of his found him a coordinating bandanna, it does look really cool.

He keeps his motorcycle immaculate, washing, lubricating and caring for it after every ride.

While visiting in farm country, Ohio, I met many bikers.  They seemed to all have beautiful, well cared for motorcycles that they rode as often as weather permitted.  In other words, anytime there wasn't a tornado, or a big snow storm, weather was considered good.  For backup, they also seemed to all own old rusty, dented,  beat-up pickup trucks. 

Clearly, they had their priorities well defined.

My friend also built his petite girlfriend a motorcycle, which she enjoys riding often as well.  Lucky lady!

Here's Little Harley posing on a stump next to his Danish friend's motorcycle. His friend called him "Monkey on a String" because of his goofy look and the fact he would dance excitedly whenever his Danish friend would pay him eye contact.  This particular motorcycle is used every summer by a sailing couple from the Canary Islands, to tour North America.  They often camp out, but sometimes splurge on a motel room.

We all went camping together one weekend. The shadow in the foreground is from my broken motorhome awning.  I'd love to repair it, I tried to use it while camping recently, and it was cantankerous to roll back up again. The shortened struts, just don't want to line up to the frame it has to snap too for driving. It took three of us, four tries, to get it back in again.  The struts were broken off during a heavy downpour in May, 2010.  Now that I am alone again, I can't use it, because I'm afraid I would never get it put back away again. I can't drive off, unless it is completely attached to the side of the motorhome.  After the rainstorm destroyed my awning, the ruined struts had to be hacksawed down to very short nubs.  See Ooops blog.

Someone emailed me and suggested I check my insurance policy on the motorhome to see if the storm damage to my awning could be filed as a claim.

I didn't check with my insurance company, for possible reimbursement, I believe my deductible is too high anyhow.  Besides, my experience with insurance companies in the past,  has been that if I file a claim, they find a way not to pay, or  immediately cancel my policy or skyrocket the rates.  I just didn't want to chance it, and stress myself out.

Stress is bad for my health, and I am fighting to get well, stay well, and be well.

So I guess the awning will just have to stay broken until I come up with Plan B or Plan C or Plan D.  Shortly after the awning fiasco, my brake calipers stuck and I ended up being towed and having new brakes put on, so I basically forgot all about doing anything at all about the awning. But I sure do miss it! 

In the interim, I wear my big purple hat for shade.

Recently, a motorhome I saw, did not attach their awning correctly before barreling down the highway. They were caught in a windy rain storm while driving, and both the awning and the entire frame were destroyed, from what I could see.

Mine's only partially destroyed, the awning is ripped, and the frame is broken, other than that, it's fine.  

Kind of like me. 

Ripped, torn, and broke,  but doing just fine.


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