Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kangaroos, Bunnies and Bowls


Harley doesn't normally chew things up, except his food.
 But for some reason, he ate all his food, then carefully marked the entire bowl as HIS. 
I sure won't confuse it with MY bowls. 

Harley the puppy dog, is fine I guess. I was worried the other day because he slept all night, got up for a few minutes then went back to bed until nearly 2pm.

This worried me. I've never had a tiny dog before, and they have special health concerns. I had never seen him so lethargic, but we've had a few late nights where we were up way past midnight, because I was writing up a storm or a story.

It's hard to gage whether he is eating too little or too much. Everyone wants to fatten him up, as he looked so pathetically skinny for so long. Now he is filling out a tiny bit.

I woke him up and took him out for a walk. He was his usual hyper self, trying to make me jog, watering every bush and tree he could, plus leaving a deposit in the woods. His deposits are so tiny, I can clean them up with a sandwich baggie and have room to tie a knot in the baggie too.

He wants to stop and meet every human and animal along the way. We came across a baby bunny and he had never seen a bunny wabbit before, so he wanted to get a closer look. Bunny Wabbit ran off and he soooo wanted to give chase. Not to hurt the wittle bunny, but to get a closer look. He strained at the leash and harness, hopping on just his two back legs, looking like a miniature kangaroo leaping.

Harley is vastly entertaining. I was about to fall down laughing at his kangaroo ways.

Our refrigerator is bare. Well, it has 4 baby carrots, 2 eggs, one tortilla and a few condiments. Maybe I should break down camp and drive to the store.

I was cleaning up the motorhome and found MONEY. A tiny purse I hadn't used in a long time had cash in it! Normally I would save such a lucky find, but instead we ordered pizza to be delivered. A pure and foolish luxury. I guess I gave the pizza man good directions to find us in the campground, he came straight to our site about 30 minutes later.

When he arrived, Harley went nuts and wanted to be his friend. Anyone that brings us food is an instant friend in his book. Actually, anyone that LOOKS at Harley is his instant friend.

He had the cheese half and I had the veggie half. We watched part of a movie on the laptop, in bed, called "Grown Ups". It's just a nice feel-good movie with great actors and some good laughs with some goofy scenarios. We actually only watched part of it, because we fell asleep about a third of the way through. We watched another third of it during naptime and finally one night we watched the final third. One movie can sometimes last us all week!

I think the only reason Harley watches the movies is just in case a live bug crawls across the laptop screen, he likes to catch them and eat them.

Silly dog.

I pulled out the crackers to make Peanut Butter Crackers for breakfast.
Apparently, I have been unwittingly, eating from both ends of the box!
Silly human!

Well, we are off to go shopping for food. Actually, I am going while Harley guards the motorhome. A super kind neighbor asked me if I wanted to ride with her, in her car, to the store. That's a lot easier than breaking down camp to drive the motorhome.

I had just stepped out of the shower with drippy wet hair, put on my red dress, fresh undies, some sandals, and was combing out my wet hair when the neighbor came by with her two dogs to play with Harley.

We were chatting and I said I was cleaning up the motorhome, so I could break down camp, to go find a grocery store. I had put it off long enough. She said she was going shopping too. I was about to invite her to ride in the motorhome, when she offered for me to ride with her. What luck! Angels everywhere. She knows the area, so that will save me from getting lost.

Saved me from housekeeping too!

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