Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures of Dear Miss Mermaid Sailing Naked


Dear Miss Mermaid

is nearly broke.

She needs;




Book Sales.

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So, if nudity sails,

(sells?  sales?)

then I have to try ANYTHING

to get more readers,


and Book Buyers.

Please  forward

this link

to ALL your friends and

Please Help

Dear Miss Mermaid.


From my naked bosom

to the bottom of

my tail.

It all started with an

innocent email from Mikey,

who commented on my

blog about sailing naked.

Message in a Bottle:

Dear Miss Mermaid,

By the Way,

You say you used to sail naked?

Well,I knew a gal that used to cut her yard naked. LOL

Hey,to each their own.

Whatever floats your boat is ok in my book.


Dear Mikey,

Of course I used to sail naked!

It saved on laundry,

it saved wear and tear

on my clothes

and it eliminated tan lines.

Below are  some pictures of 

Dear Miss Mermaid 

sailing naked:


Due to popular requests,

pictures of Dear Miss Mermaid

are posted below,

showing her sailing naked.

Please leave this page immediately,

if nudity offends you.

Do not scroll down,

just leave

if nudity offends you,

Dear Miss Mermaid

does not wish to offend anyone.

Last chance,

If nudity offends you,

please leave now. 

Otherwise, scroll down.


Are you SURE you want to see

Dear Miss Mermaid sailing naked?



Do not scroll down

if nudity offends you.

This is the last


Pictures of Dear Miss Mermaid

sailing naked are posted below.


if nudity offends you.


DRUM ROLL...............

Here are the pictures of

Dear Miss Mermaid

sailing naked:

I HOPE you are ready

to feast your eyes!

Earth's Biggest Selection!

needs readers, subscriptions and  book sales to keep her alive.  

Dear Miss Mermaid thanks you in advance,
from her naked bosom down to her tanned tail!

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  1. Well done! Makes me want to buy a book right now!

  2. Grin and bare it!

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  4. YOU ARE HYSTERICAL!! Thanks so much for making my Monday morning easier to bare! Am going to buy your book right away.

  5. we spied the 'no tan lines' from the air :)))

    Sue M

  6. dontyaaknow nudity is banned in the BVI's

  7. Well, they never banned me (too busy taking pictures of a naked mermaid!)

  8. Have to admit I've seen a lot of people sailing naked...but your pics are the best! Ordering your book now. I want an autograph old friend!

  9. Brava! I almost gave up, based on the warnings, but I'm glad I persevered - worth every scroll.

    The Good Luck Duck, naked

  10. While the pictures are very pretty, it's not what I wanted to see. Naked pictures, actual naked pictures would be nice.

  11. Look again, you missed the naked ones!

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  14. I think this bring more people on your site, but not buyers for your books. So no solution to going broke. You need to push your thoughts forward ...

    Vincenzo (Italy)

  15. This website shares what I've found.


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