Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Things We Do For Love

Harley's One Ear Up, One Ear Down, trademarked look.  You can tell he brushed his own fur today. Yes, both ears work fine, but he prefers the ragtag look. Unlike most dogs, he rarely hangs his tongue out for show.

The things we do for love...

There is a big pillow beside me at my desk. That's so puppy dog can lay in comfort by the window, while I work.

My motorhome is scattered with puppy toys; Love for a silly dog who acts likes a toddler and can be very possessive about his things.

The patio and yard at the campground are littered with athletic equipment; Love for a pooch who is training to be the world's greatest athlete.

True Love: Spending Friday night (aka date night) washing clothes at the campground laundry because the canine bed and puppy's stuffed toys were dirty.

The dog has five bags of assorted tasty dog treats. I, on the other hand, possess one little treat: an emergency chocolate bar.

Neighbors and friends shower the puppy with toys, pork chop bones, puppy treats, doggy clothes plus tasty leftovers such as steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, Bar-B-Q and ham. I am showered with free advice and once in awhile offered a diet drink.

Besides me sleeping in my bed, there is a five pound dog and his favorite stuffed toys plus occasionally a hidden pork chop bone. I am careful not to roll over onto his side of the bed. (I might get stabbed by the pork chop bone.)

While I get up early to do the dishes, wash the dog bowls, set out fresh water and food, sweep out whatever dirt puppy has tracked inside, he sleeps in my bed, a whole extra hour, then waits for a belly rub, before he deigns to let his sleepy paws touch the floor.

Everyone knows Harley's name; but I'm referred to as "that woman with the cute little puppy named Harley."

When traveling, my stops are not dictated by human wants or needs, but by the best places for puppy to water bushes.

And pet store stops.

"I know how to look cute and pose for a picture" says the cat, "But I've no idea who that silly puppy dog is, or why he is allowed to mess up MY portrait."

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  1. On your latest post, there was a link to this page.

    Ahhh...the joys of having a dog. I'm with you on this love! :)



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