Friday, June 15, 2012

Company Cleaning

Company coming, so I am busy cooking and cleaning. My left arm has improved substantially through alternative treatments. The number one treatment being meditation and self-hypnosis with lots of rest and sleep. More on this later.

I was thrilled it had healed enough for me to use it to shower and get clean under both arms. Have you ever tried to wash your armpits when only one arm works?  Ick!

Things are a mess around here, but I cleaned the bathroom and that is all that company really cares about...  that is where they decide if you are truly a slob or not, by the condition of your bathroom.

Other than that, if I can plow a path through the mess, they can live with it.

Luckily the patio is huge and mostly shaded, so we will be out there.

My shade awning is still severely angled for draining all the rains we've had lately. I am hoping my company will help use their two good arms to assist me in getting it back up much higher.

The patio is  larger than it looks. To give you an idea...  that green rug is 9 by 12 feet and looks so small!

In back is the 8 ton 8 foot picnic table with the old awning on it as a table cloth. The gazebo in front has been repaired with patches on the canopy and string to hold the frame back together.  It is more or less attached to a few things.

In back is my string of white Christmas lights attached to a clothes line type arrangement.

Company is here, see ya later!

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