Saturday, June 23, 2012

Electrocuting Stuff

how to defrost an RV freezer or refrigerator  by dear miss mermaid copyright by

How to get electrocuted.

How to defrost an RV freezer super fast.

Shown is my over-frosted Dometic freezer in my little old wheel estate.  I have moved the ice bucket and other items to the refrigerator. On the bottom I have laid out an orange Sham Wow towel to soak up the water.

The black box dangling above is a 200 watt Lasko Ceramic Heater (available at Amazon).  That thing is worth its weight in gold because in the winter it can warm up your feet or hands or bathroom. It puts heat exactly where you want it without tripping breakers. Most ceramic heaters are 1500 watt, and can trip breakers if you have too much plugged in on the same circuit. This one was designed not to be an energy hog and to put heat where you need it. The long cord makes it handy, plus it has an on/off switch. I actually own two, one is "installed" in my RV bathroom.  My RV bathroom has a soap dish I never use, because I use a bottle of liquid hand soap. I used a bungee cord to attach the little heater to the soap dish, it works fabulously and keeps the heater up off the counter top, which can sometimes get wet.

During the spring and fall, I often leave the heater on in the bathroom of the motorhome, even though the main heater or furnace is off. This is so if I get up at 2 or 3am from my ultra warm bed to use the bathroom, it is nice and toasty in there.

I am one of those folks that just don't like an icy cold toilet seat to wake me up when I am sleepwalking.

One day when it was chilly, I had company visiting who eventually borrowed my bathroom. After a very long while, I worried if they had died in there or what. So I finally asked at the bathroom door "Are you OK?"

Their reply was "Yes!  I'm just sitting here enjoying the heater!"

The little heater is  also fabulous for defrosting the freezer. I have used two bungee cords to dangle it from a cabinet handle above. All that ice was gone in under 30 minutes and the freezer was easy to finish drying with a microfiber towel that left it spotless.

On a funny note... whenever I look up something on Amazon and I spell it wrong, Amazon suggests chocolate!  This is probably because I am always drooling over the dark chocolate section (look but don't touch!) so Amazon's computers have decided to suggest chocolate to me, whenever I spell something wrong. At least they give me a good belly laugh!

ship shape RV cords by dear miss mermaid copyright by
Ship shape!  Having the maintenance guys show up to do the mini-lawn where I am workamping, made me neaten up my umbilical cords. Oops!  Looking at this picture reminds me I have to hook the sewer hose back up. I am sure looking forward to that chore... about as much as dropping a hammer on my toe.


  1. I'd keep an eye on Tropical Storm Debby Miss Mermaid.If it doesn't turn and keeps going north you might get in on some heavy rain.

  2. Hiya very cool blog.

  3. I have wheel estate! I can run from Debby!


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