Saturday, September 05, 2009

Angels in the strangest places

I drove to the store to get Apple Cider Vinegar. I use it for health reasons and had run out. I wanted something simple to fix for dinner and was depressed at teh choice, as everything east to fix was high fat it seemed.

I have a horrible pain in my chest. I've never had heartburn, but I think I have heartburn now, something fierce!

I bought a warm Ginger Beer. Ginger Beer does not have alcohol, in case you are wondering. I was hoping it would make me burp and make the pain go away.

I bought some low fat crackers to go with last week's drastically reduced creamy salsa.

I stood at the cash register, lost in my world of pain.

A stranger said "Excuse me? Are you OK? You just look so VERY SAD."

I said "Well, yes, I am very sad."

He asked me if I had Bible at home and I told him yes.

I said "My landlord's agent needs a Bible thrown at her! She sent men over to harass me 10 minutes after I got out of the hospital! My rent is paid up, but it's an ongoing battle with her. She wants to raise the rent, and the place is falling apart! So I just keep paying the same old rent and she keeps sending men over to threaten me! I don't have the energy to move to another place. So I am selling most all my stuff. I've watched people cart my stuff out all day, and it makes me sad all around."

I forgot to mention the terrible pain in my chest. I feel like I need a monumental burp and I will be fine.

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