Friday, September 18, 2009

Message in a Bottle...

Frances from Chicago.
Dear Miss Mermaid,
Glad you are finally doing a wee bit better. I did enjoy reading your snake sneak attack the other day (laughed myself silly). Glad it was you and not me. I hate all forms of snake. I could not have gone back into that house without knowing where the devil he was hiding.
The 2 minute video of '....they're sleeping' had great music and great shots. However, when you use snapshots, the view of each of those frames need to be a little longer to see what it is. You get dizzy because they went by kinda fast. Since I am a lover of cats and animals in general, they were just adorable.
Your low blood pressure that you experienced can make you feel lazy and lethargic. It can also make you pass out.
There are some people who always have a lower blood pressure than average. In your case, I doubt it very much.
One of your medications could have dropped it down. Now is the time that you need to get someone to get you a blood pressure monitor kit for yourself. They sell them for your wrist and all is needed is the regular batteries.
Your pneumonia can take 6 to 8 weeks to come out of your system. You will be unusually tired because of that. Your lungs are also damaged because of this.
You had a bad case of it. Any further cold or cough you get or wheezing, you must run right back to the doctor or hospital. You have to rest, pneumonia will not let you do otherwise.
Take care,

THANK you for the words of wisdom, and I agree, the pics should be longer, I must work on that next! I wish windows movie maker had a way for me to SAVE the before and after titles, credits, signage boards etc., be so much easier than having to recreate them all over again. Also it seems I have change each picture separately for the timeline or redo the entire movie from scratch, but alas, I look forward to working with this program more, as I have scads of pictures I want to do various short movies on.
The medical tips are a BIG HELP!

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