Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lotsa Newsy Stuff on 9-9-9

If you need a pick-me-up, check out this video. It sure had me smiling and took away my blues. I was just surveying the knives, and feeling very depressed, then someone sent me this video link of dancers at Grand Central Antwerp Belgium, and it truly gave me inspiration!
Today is nine nine nine!  September 9, 2009!

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I've made a mess of this blog template, tsk tsk tsk. I need more training, I am techno challenged!  Or I need a volunteer webmaster to design my template!  (One can only WISH!)
By the way, you can get my book HURRICANES and HANGOVERS for FREE by booking a vacation through GoBeach.Com if you say you saw the advertisement on

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I write my email that way to AVOID more auto-spammer spiders. 
Recipes, pictures, slideshows, coming here SOON!
Quito Rhymer, a good friend of mine and an exremely talented man who writes and plays music plus does incredible artwork, has a NEW ALBUM out, just released on Amazon!
Cool Water
Amazon says it is out of stock, but they just sent me an email that it  is was ready to ship, guess they need to update their webpage!



Share from a dear reader (A BIG THANK YOU TOO FROM Dear Miss Mermaid!)

Hi Dear Miss Mermaid,
Managed to buy your book from Amazon UK.
Excellent reading.

Are you able to get Easiyo powder sachets of diy yogurts ?
They are LIVE and come in Plain, Greek and many flavours.
The sachets weigh about 5oz each.

Mix powder with 1 litre of cold water in Yogurt Jar.
Fill special insulated outer container to the mark with boiling water.
Put Yogurt Jar into boilng water container, put lid on.
Leave for 10 hours, hey presto, real live yogurt !

Hope someone can help you with your yogurt supply.

With all best wishes,

Good grief...

Grandparents day is September 13th!  Well be SURE to buy them my book HURRICANES and HANGOVERS, not only does one size fit all, but they will LAUGH their way through the stories if the reviews posted at Amazon are any indication!

Hurricanes & Hangovers: and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph
Mark your calendar!

September 19th is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

You have 10 days to learn more than just "argh matey!"

Here are some helpful books!

They have changed this posting format and upgraded it and left off the spell heckler!  SO bear with me if you found booboos!

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