Sunday, September 27, 2009

Incredible Colors during Sunset


Dear Miss Mermaid
What makes this such a unique picture, is that it was taken during sunset while looking southeast, rather than westward. On the horizon, left to right is Fallen Jerusalem, Broken, Jerusalem, Round Rock, Ginger Island and Cooper Island. A lone sailboat lazily drifts down the Sir Francis Drake Channel. To the left is Buck Island, which is up for sale for a rumored 30 million, which includes the dock and home on 43 acres.

I tried to verify this, but Internet ads simply say "price on application." Not sure what all the secrecy is about, maybe they want to check your financial background first and make a few side deals, in view of the BVI stamp tax that must be paid at the time of purchase.

On transfer of title, a property Stamp Duty at the rate of 12% of the appraised value or purchase price (whichever is higher) is payable to the BVI by the purchaser. Better have a few spare million laying around. Then don't forget about the staffing of the place, surely if you can afford that, you aren't going to be sweeping up nor making your Lobster and Caviar Frittatta on your own.

Back to reality...

I need to sell 7,142 more books to pay off my recent medical bills. YIKES!

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