Saturday, September 12, 2009

Almost FOUND it!

Another rough day in paradise, I've been sickly for two days and that has slowed down my house work considerably. But I still THINK when I can. Just that I am SO TIRED! And I have nailed down some more stories. I could sit and write all day, but so much to do.

No fair. I am pouring super strong coffee down this morning in hopes I can get some stuff done today. Let's see I need to wash and hang loads of laundry, clean up the house, wash my long hair, scan a ton of documents and haul off a mountain of garbage.

I am emptying out file cabinets and scanning all I can to cut down on the paper. I am also scanning a bunch of pictures. The house needs sorting out. Stuff everywhere. Usually I like to live nice and tidy, shipshape with a place for everything and everything in its place, so this chaos is eating away at me.

The cats are wondering WHAT is going on. I've sold off some stuff and they didn't like strangers carrying off some of their favorites seats! My place came sparsely furnished, so I can sell off some of my furniture and still have some.

The hospital called yesterday and asked if I could make a two thousand four hundred dollar payment this week. Yes! $2,400.00! I had just woke up and my voice wouldn't start right, so I had to keep clearing my throat and making an attempt to talk.

I said "Two thousand four hundred dollar payment? Hold on, let me check my purse!"

I came back on the phone and announced "I have eleven dollars and 58 cents! How about I put the dollar fifty eight in the gas tank, drive down and bring you the other ten dollars?"

This was met with "Can you at least bring three hundred dollars? You were supposed to pay three hundred dollars when you checked in!"

I said "Well, I arrived in the emergency room by ambulance, unconscious. You should have picked through my purse and helped yourself!"

(For all I know they did, as when I next saw my purse it had about two dollars in it and I had to call someone that owed me money to bring me some, so I could buy some stuff like toothbrush and yogurt!)

But it's real DOUBTFUL they took a thing, as I could not recall what was in my purse before I went to the hospital. Life was such a blur before and after my ambulance ride. I vaguely remember the ambulance driver telling the other EMT that I was probably going to be DOA and it upset me and I remember struggling to say HELP but I am not sure they heard me. I wanted them to know I was alive so they would go faster, as they were up front chatting away, driving at a sedate speed, like we were out for a Sunday cruise.

Later, I remember bits and pieces like people kept putting steamy masks over my face and attaching me to tubes and wires under bright lights. When I could talk I said "Open the curtains, don't let me die alone!" It was so exhausting, I think I passed out after that. But when I could see again, the curtains were open.

The voice on the other end of the phone brought me back to reality and said "You must make monthly payments."

"OK, I can probably make ten dollars a month in payments right now!"

"Ten dollars a week?"

"No, ten dollars a month! And that's assuming I go back to work soon! However, if my book sales improve, I can send you the extra! Would that work? Also, I am selling of some of my personal stuff, if that works out, I can bring you more now and then! And I am working on a third book and if I get that finished, I can bring more. "

The lady sighed on the other end of the phone.

I asked in a real timid voice "If I can't pay enough, are you going to repossess me and make me come back and stay in the hospital?"

She sighed a nice long sigh, like she was contemplating whether to curse me out or what.

"Just bring the ten dollars and come talk to us and sign a payment plan."

"Right now? You want the ten dollars right now? I have a doctor appointment there Monday, can I bring it then?"

"You have to pay more than that before you can see the doctor!"

"Oh dear me. Well tell her I might have a PROBLEM with that if things don't sell this weekend."

I heard a big sigh, followed by a click.

Phone call over.


A nice couple came over and picked out most of what's left of my own furniture and promised to be back the next day with money and a truck. I had 16 drawers and 7 cabinets to empty out so they could haul it all off.

I worked myself to pure exhasution, getting ready for them to come back.

They didn't show.

I called them and got various vague answers of "We are on our way."

They have never shown, and now when I call them, my cell phone reads "call rejected".


Imagine what your home would look like if you emptied out 16 drawers and 7 cabinets!

The next day, two friends stopped by and they had always seen my house nice, neat and clean. They were sure SHOCKED and asked me what in hell happened while I frantically cleared 3 seats for us to sit in.

"I was looking for my keys" I said so innocently.

They surveyed the massive wreckage and asked "Well, did you find them?"

"Almost!" I replied and burst out laughing!


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