Thursday, September 03, 2009

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
~~~Regina Brett

After Shocks, September 1st

My housemate ran off last night with the rent money and some of my stuff. VERY stressful, didn't NEED this. Rent is due and well, now a BIG mess.

How could a "friend" of 15 years and a housemate of a year and half just stab me in the back like this? Pretty awful thing to do to a stranger but to do this to your friend and housemate? Dreadful, simply dreadful.

So, I barely slept last night, couldn't eat my dinner and couldn't eat my breakfast and therefore couldn't take any of my meds which all require food.

Threw a yogurt and all my meds in my purse and left to fetch my friend who was having car trouble and desperately needed to get to her bank in town.

Now that my muffler is nice and quiet, the air conditioning didn't seem very cold. So I bought some more a/c coolant and drove to the handy secret mechanic that has the gizmo to pump more stuff into the innards of the A/c and then miraculously it cools the heap of a jeep back down.

Alas, found the mechanic was no where to be found at 915am. His buddy appeared out of the shadows with the familiar aroma of island herb and told me nobody was there. (I guess he didn't count.)

I chided him about the mechanics sleeping late on such a hot day and with a mighty giggle and a sigh, I left him in his purple haze, got back into my heap of a jeep with my friend and off to town we went running errands in the brutal heat. We had the windows down and drove fast so the rushing air would blow the sweat off of us. Every time we slowed down, we both burst out into a puddle of sweat.

Everywhere we went was a perfect parking spot. My friend was duly impressed. I explained to her how before hand, I sent mind signals to town to leave me handy parking spots every where I needed to go.

Well, what do ya know, it WORKED!

We had no A/c so we grumbled about the heat a lot, when ever we got stuck in traffic, which after hitting town was often as the new traffic lights have made a monumental mess of things. Something is NOT right with the new traffic lights. What you might call, a BIG EFFING MESS!

Ran all over town today with no air conditioning. I must admit, it's more fun running errands with a friend, especially with parking and traffic being so awful. Each time we stopped and split up, we picked a place to meet again and each time we both finished our errands at the same time and always met up at the same time, so no one had to wait around on the other one. We seemed in perfect sync.

On the way home we stopped and found the errant mechanic, who topped up the air conditioning and made it icy cold for us. He refused payment, but I tipped him anyhow.

We rode home, feeling immensley blessed.

Life isn't fair, but it's still good.


  1. Wow! That's a low blow from the 'friend' of 15 years. I can't wrap my head around that. So sorry to hear it. :-(

  2. Wanted: Opportunity for 50 yr old woman with cat to housemate with DMM in Tortola. Loves the water, cats, friends, cats, sunsets, cats, boats, cats, gardening, cats, and fun. Tired of living in the States.
    Lol- maybe sometime our paths will cross. Hope you find an honest housemate soon!
    Kitty Kiss


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