Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stay Tuned!

This blog will continue with more fun and mayhem. I've had a really rough week medically. I also had to go to court. My evil landlord's agent is a greedy witch and wanted to raise my rent or evict me.

Well, the judge threw the mess out and asked if I wanted to countersue for all the heaps of harassment she and her employees have inflicted on me the past few months. They even harassed me by phone in the hospital!

Most landlord's MIGHT have checked to see if I was all right or maybe in view of my ridiculously high rent, even sent flowers! But Noooooooo... they called me several days for pure harassment and acted deaf each time I told them "I am in the hospital! I mailed your rent check, now PLEASE let me rest!"

She wanted me to cancel the check, get cash and bring it to her! My doctor didn't want to wheel me down to the bank to do this madness. Imagine that...

More later on the evil witch...

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