Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Funny Stuff in the Campground

This could easily qualify as one of life's most embarrassing moments.
A popup camper, ready for towing.

This couple arrived at a very popular campground with their brand new pop-up trailer. A pop-up trailer tows behind a vehicle, looking like a box. Once you park it,  the top pops up, creating indoor headroom, then the sides pop out, and double bunks slide into place. Now you have room to move around aside, plus two sleeping areas. Typically the camper is screened in, with interior shades that roll down for privacy.

I guess that bunk looked mighty inviting, after they had set it up. So the couple stripped down naked and laid down in the bunk. It was mid-afternoon and the campground was very busy with the usual weekend warriors. Many people were out and about, building fires, setting up outdoor dinning, dressing their picnic tables, tending their fires, walking their dogs, playing with their kids, chatting with neighbors and so on.
A Popup Camper, set up for camping.

Apparently, in their enthusiasm, the couple forgot to properly set up their camper, to prevent it from falling over. While they were actively wrestling naked in the bunk, *ahem* enjoying a little afternoon delight, with the indoor shades rolled down, the camper tipped over on it's side.

Now if that's not bad enough, the weight of their combined bodies split open the canvas side.  In broad daylight, in front of quite a few nearby witnesses, in the crowded campground, they came tumbling out naked across the sunny lawn, while their camper laid tipped over crooked. 

Can you imagine this scene?  Right when you least expected it, here comes impromptu live comedy amusement, in the campground, of all places.

I understand it was very entertaining for the other campers. Gave them something to talk about the rest of the season.
It also gave the parents plenty of interaction with their kids, answering embaressing questions about why that couple was wrestling naked. 
Don't come knocking, if the camper is rocking.

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