Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurley Harley

Hurley Harley

When we arrived in Erie, Pennsylvania, the weather was cool, but nice.  It was so lovely, we took a long walk along Port Erie, gazing at the massive lake.

Later in the day, the weather turned awful, so we began calling the place Dreary Erie.  Harley found a stick to chew on, but later started making strange noises and puking up his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fortunately, we were able to rush him outside when he first started burping.

He then wanted to clean up his mess, but my friend led him away while I got the thrilling chore of picking up his former stomach contents with a doggy poop bag.
Saturday travels in the Beast (the motorhome)
(A) Evangola State Park, Lake Erie, Irving New York
(B)  Niagara Falls
(C) Daisy Barn Campground on Lake Ontario, Wilson, New York

We nicknamed him Hurley Harley the rest of the day, because he continued to get sick. I had internet connection, so I was frantically searching for possible causes and solutions. Turns out several innocent looking sticks from fruit and other trees can be somewhat poisonous to dogs.

I didn't feed Hurley Harley anymore that day, except for water. But late that night, he was hungry, so I gave him a little bit of food. The next morning, I let him eat all he wanted. He seemed fine ever since. So I guess the stick he had, was bad, which I threw all the sticks in chewing range, over the fence, so he had no more to chew up.  Poor Hurley Harley.
Hurley Harley stops to smell the flowers at

From Evangola State Park in New York, we drove to the famed Niagara Falls. We were lucky to find free parking on the street for two hours. This was the first time Hurley Harley got to go out in public with loads of people around. Initially he though we were setting up camp, so he stopped to water every bush and sign post along the way.  With me urging him along  with the command "Come!"  he finally got the hang that we were on a serious hike.  He was wearing his blue sweater to ward off the cold, strangers gave him a bemused look.
Lake Ontario

As we approached Niagara Falls on foot, he put on the brakes, not wishing to get any closer to the water mist. But he finally acquiesced, allowing me to see the falls up close and snap some pictures.
Niagara Falls

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