Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Interesting Educational RV Videos

Here's a short video on how to take out those pesky security cameras. I sure hope the goofy owner wasn't hurt, but honestly, she/he needs to use their head for more than just a hat rack.

The good news, is I found a part two for the above story. The people did survive. I've heard of taking out a bank loan, but I don't think they actually meant to loan you the bank, to take out!

I bet their insurance company was not at all amused. They were also seemingly going pretty fast, in the above video.  It's never a good sign to go whipping around in an RV in tight spaces like parking lots. It's always handy to know your height and to pay attention to things overhead. When in doubt, creep along, at a snail's pace.  Maybe this driver just FORGOT they were towing a fifth wheel.  Hey it happens, you think that big thing behind you is someone else's problem.

Here is another speed demon, clueless to the blinking lights, ignores the clearance overhead and incredibly never even slows down or stops afterwards as he leaves a trail a debris behind him. You almost hope it's super hot where ever he is going.

I am not sure what was wrong here. But in the video, you can see the RV swaying from side to side before the wreck. Not sure if it was high winds, or a bad tow vehicle and trailer match. It is an awfully big travel trailer for the  tow vehicle. It would seem, if one is having that much trouble driving, they would pull over or slow way down.

I have personally been scared by high winds that seemingly pushed my RV around. I had been protected by big trees, then I went across a long bridge and WHAM the winds pushed me around. I immediately slowed down as quickly as I could. There was no where to pull over on the bridge, so I crawled ahead.  I know the traffic behind me wasn't thrilled.  But they would have been far less thrilled, if I had flipped over and blocked their lanes completely.  Once I was back in a protected area, from the high winds,  I slowly crept back up to speed. After seeing this video below, heaven help the folks behind me, if I feel like the winds are pushing me around again. I will definitely slow to a crawl.

This is a rather sad video of a motorhome on fire. It appears to have been sped up for ease of viewing. The crazy thing is traffic keeps barreling by, in spite of the fact that the motorhome has explosive items like a gasoline tank and a propane tank.   The fire department must have been miles away. Eventually a sheriff shows up and puts a stop to the ridiculous traffic racing by the dangerous fire.

The music is horrible, so don't say I didn't warn you!  Fighting a fire is seconds, not minutes. If you have a fire, you need to immediately grab all your extinguishers and try your best to put it out before you run out of fire power. Many people would be surprised to learn that common household furnishings are extremely flammable. Once the fiberglass gets on fire, you might as well call it history.

I am going to start saving up for a few more fire extinguishers. Ever since my non-fire, that set off all the alarms, (see a previous two-part post about calling 911) I've had that on my list. But I'm on a teeny tiny budget due to my ridiculous hospital and medical bills, but still, I am bumping them up the list for a wishful day that I hope arrives soon.

If you are an RV owner, this might be a little frightening to watch.

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