Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Out of Range

This blog will continue shortly. I've been on the road again with my AT&T air card. It seems where ever I am, AT&T is not.
Normally I like to post every day!  Of course you can take this time to view my older blogs, if you haven't seen them yet. I believe on this blog there are over 500 posts.
On my Caribbean blog, which dates back over 10 years, there are over 3,000 posts, many with awesome pictures.
The last few campgrounds I've stayed in, have not had internet connection either. I tend to choose nature over services, so I often end up way off the beaten path.
Today I am camped on the Ohio River at an awesome spot I just love in the Wayne National Forest. My site came with one amenity; electric only and nothing else. I had to fill the water tank before parking as I forgot to do so yesterday when I left Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio. 
We hiked to Old Man's Cave which was incredibly awesome. Like the old man, I was ready to move in and settle down for a spell. I have loads of photos to share, but here again, need a decent connection.
The beauty here on the river,  is just astounding.
I will attempt to send this out  by email, since I can't post directly with this pathetically low signal.

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  1. Sometimes it is nice to drop off the grid for a few days. Enjoy!


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