Friday, September 24, 2010

Help Me Go Viral on the Internet

Ahoy!  Here I am putting out the begging cup...

I am humbly asking all readers to help me go viral on the internet. My books are being sold at 15% off at Amazon, so I hope the discount helps sell books.   I have no control over how Amazon prices my book, so when they decide to discount it, I see it as a good thing. But Amazon can take the discount away again without notifying me of their intentions. So, I have no way of telling you how long this discount will last. 

Please ask all your email friends to visit 
and consider buying "Hurricanes and Hangovers".

Everyone needs a good laugh don't they?

If you have read my book, a written  Amazon review, helps me tremendously with Amazon. I need about 50 reviews to seriously get Amazon's  attention. I am up to 27. So I am half way there!  Yippee!  I realize writing a review, takes time and effort. I appreciate all the good words. Bless you. I would be nothing without my readers. 

Viral marketing is informing others, thus infecting them with the information, hence the term "going viral on the internet."

I've tried sensationalism such as:
Pictures of Dear Miss Mermaid Sailing Naked. 

I've tried cutesy video such as:
Dear Miss Mermaid Makes Another Video

I've tried jokes such as:
Today's Funny Koala Bear Joke

I've tried weird news such as:
Interesting News Your Might Have Missed

I've tried unique Recipes such as:
One Pot Okra Jambalaya Recipe

I will just keep trying anything, to get attention.
Even my goofy dog...
Who said I looked goofy?

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