Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plowing With the Blue Ox

I tried to format this correctly, but blogspot editor has a mind of it's own some days...

Harley was gifted a nifty doggy sweater and other clothes,  from his wonderful Jackson, Ohio friends.  
He gets cold when the temperature drops below 75F degrees. 
Amazingly, he loves to play dressup.  
He will patiently wait while I poke his head and arms through his sweater or shirt, then prance around like a model ready for the runway. 
In a rare moment, I caught him being still, long enough for a picture. 
Usually, all I end up with is pictures of a blurry puppy in motion. 
He never tries to undress, but seems content to be snuggly warm in his new threads. 

Puppy and I spent two days parked  in a friend's backyard.  He was
so surprised when we arrived, because his two dachshund  buddies were living there.  He was clearly thrilled to see them.  I tossed some of his toys outside and he began a tug of war game with them, that had us mere humans splitting our sides laughing. We tried to sit in the yard, soaking up some sunshine before autumn sets in with full force.  Harley
the puppy, has a penchant for tangling up his tether with whatever is at
hand, in this case our two chairs. We kept moving our chairs, hoping to
be close enough he didn't feel left out, yet far enough away he couldn't lasso us with his tether.

My last two driving trips have been heaven on earth. A dear friend gave me a gift certificate at Amazon. Since I was in a campground last month
for a whole month, I was able to have all my accumulated mail forwarded plus order stuff from Amazon with my gift certificate. One of the things I ordered was a memory foam steering wheel cover.
In the past, my hands have at times,  literally locked up on
the steering wheel forcing me to painfully pry them loose. It's a slight
medical problem that can drive me batty at times and sometimes leave me in tears after even a short trip. 

Last Christmas, I had bought one for a friend that had loaned me his car
once in awhile.  It was the last one at the store. The few times,
I got to drive his car afterwards, my hands never once cramped up
painfully.  Throughout my travels, I have stopped at stores in
search of another 
memoryfoam steering wheel cover.

I could find tons of covers, some with foam, but none with the memory foam. Amazon  had the exact model I wanted with the bonus of being able to choose a color to compliment my cab. 

Putting it on the steering wheel was another comedy, that I wish had been filmed.  After a half hour of wrestling and arguing with the
wheel cover, I gave up. My friend popped over, she is super strong.
 Seeing my dilemma, she sat in the driver's seat and in no
uncertain terms, fussed that steering wheel cover on about
three-fourths of the way. I opened up the driver's door, armed with a
super long screw driver, then stuck that between the steering wheel and
the cover, and together we battled that 
 memory foam steering wheel cover into place.

It is never coming off. It fits so super snug.

Oh my gosh, driving is a sheer delight now, not a torture to my hands. For whatever reason, my hands just naturally grasp the new steering wheel, with just enough pressure to drive confidently, without mashing my hands into painful clutches. I have no idea how or why this works, but it does. Also the steering cover, doesn't conduct hot or cold, so the
steering wheel is always the perfect temperature. 

It is covered in that faux suede, or Ultrasuede, whatever it is,
it's angelic. Life is GOOD. A pain free day is a great day!  

A beautiful clear day to traverse from Coolville to Jackson, Ohio. 
After arriving in Jackson, while walking around my motorhome, my friend pointed out that my Blue Ox had done a great job of plowing up a new drainage ditch down the small slope in her yard. To get to the level
spot in the garden, I had driven down a small hill at a super slow
pace. I didn't realize my tow hitch assembly stuck on the small hill,
plowing a canal while I slowly drove forward.  I guess you
could say, I left my mark there.
Blue Ox did some unintentional plowing down the small hill in the back
yard of my friend's house.  Ooops!

I don't know what it is about me driving my motorhome and loud crashes. I try my best to make sure everthing is secured for these rough Ohio roads. So far, no matter where I go in Ohio, I encounter, massive road work and sometimes chaotic detours that move the lane over to the driving-by-braille side lane. This of course makes a horrendous noise that upsets puppy and me, until we are allowed to return to a normal lane, per the highway workers' directions. 

Sometimes we hit bumps or lumps or holes that just can't be avoided, because they are resurfacing and the road is uneven.  I was only going
about 30mph as I hit the new pavement which was higher than the old pavement, when I heard a loud crash.  I looked in my rear view mirror and couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Later when I parked, I went looking for the culprit.  This time it
was my beloved handheld shower that had popped out of it's tall wall
mounted bracket, landing in the shower floor with a super loud crash.
Luckily, it doesn't appear broken.  I must not have jammed
it back in the bracket good, when I finished showering that morning.
The bracket is handy if you just want to stand there while the water
flows over you, but I am an old sailor, used to a handheld shower, so I
remove the shower from the bracket so I can aim it at my various body parts for a good rinse. 

I have long hair, and by holding the shower, close to my hair, I can
rinse the suds out a lot quicker, with a lot less water,  than if
I just stand there, under the shower, leaving it mounted in it's
bracket. I still, am super careful with water usage. Old habits are
hard to kill. 

In the Caribbean, where I lived for over 2 decades, water was very
precious, in short supply and often super expensive, if you were having to buy it. So we took extra steps to be very conservative on our water use. One way is to use handheld showers, because you get very  clean with  much less water. 

Which by the way, if you have an RV or motorhome or low water pressure at home, you have got to get the Oxygenics Shower.
It comes in handheld with a wall bracket or a fixed shower
head. It does MAGIC!  It comes in various finish styles, to match
your tastes and decor.  I bought plain white, but you can get it in chrome and other finishes. 

The shower that came with my motorhome, put out a dismal drip for a shower while relying on the 12 volt pump and water tanks. I was aghast, how is a mermaid supposed to wash her long hair with THAT?  If you are in a campground with super good water pressure, then the dismal drip, changed to a sprinkle. I could wash my hair, but it took a very long time to rinse it out, no matter how minuscule the
shampoo drop I used. Of course long hair needs conditioner, and while I love to goof off, spending half a day in the shower messing
about with my hair, seemed like a wasted life. 

I did some research and discovered this ewfangled Oxygenics Shower.
Oxygenics is a self-pressurizing showerhead. The patented
fluidic technology generates a full-power spray, even with water pressure as low as 20 psi.  Oxygenics uses up to 70% less water which
results in valuable water and energy savings.  It adapts to low and
variable water pressure, producing sensational showers at any water
pressure.It increases the water's oxygen content up to ten times,
helping to purify your water. My hair looks GREAT since I got this
shower. Matter of fact, showers are a thrill now, not a chore. 

I bought two, one for my bathroom and one for my outdoor shower hose.  I don't actually shower outside, but that hose out there is
sure convenient when cooking out, you have hot and cold water at hand, without having to run back inside. The outdoor shower built into the side of my motorhome is also useful for cleaning things outside,
utilizing the hot water.  Having that extra faucet/shower
outside is a must have. I don't think I could live in another motorhome without one. If you don't have an 
Oxygenics Shower installed,
then you're missing out on life. 

Speaking of water, this swimming  lake at Carthage Gap Campground is very inviting. I recently realized that back in early July, when I got lost and ended up here, I posted I could easily spend a month at Carthage Gap. Indeed, about a month later, guess where I ended up?  Yep, I spent a month there too. It was wonderful.   

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