Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vineries and Wineries

Just beyond these grape vines is Lake Erie.

Vineries and Wineries abound on the south side of Lake Erie. I kept looking for free wine tastings, but found none. My picture isn't super colorful, because it was dreary in Erie.  Actually we left dreary Erie to drive along route 5, a picturesque route through wine country.  I guess the fact that the grapes had not been harvested yet, was a good indication or maybe northerners don't hand out freebies.  I imagine the grapes will be harvested soon before the first freeze.

There is a grape stomping today, one must have a team of six to enter. No dogs allowed, besides Harley has such tiny feet, he could only stomp 4 half grapes at a time, so we are passing on this event.

I am now in New York, my first time ever, camped out at Evnagola State Park. They advertise a budget friendly campground rate of $25 per night with electricity included, then hit me up for $2.75 fee for not having a reservation and another $5.00 for being from the Caribbean which they call their out of state fee. So the camping ended up being $32.75.  They don't have water at the sites either, but there was a spigot on the water fountain, so I was able to top up the water tank in the motorhome.
Lake Erie as seen from Evangola State Park in New York

An RV with UK tags pulled in and camped. I wanted to get a picture of them, but did not. This morning while I was barely awake, sipping my coffee with eyes at half mast, the UK RV drove by, stopped, then snapped a few pictures of Harley out in the yard on his new tether with his blue striped sweater on. He gets so cold, he has had to wear his sweater for the last few days.

He was shaking this morning like a palm frond in a hurricane, while I pulled his sweater on, then swaddled him in a soft blanket, to try to warm him up. Finally I parked him outside in the sunshine when he quit shaking so badly.

At the Dollar Store, I found yet another retractable leash for him, this one rated for a 100 pound dog with a 28 foot lead. Now I don't need that to walk him in, but I am able to use it as his new outdoor tether-in-a-hurry. I attached the handle of the retractable leash to his bungee cord, which has a carabineer on each end. I attached that to the motorhome.  He is able to then roam around 28 feet both ways, so that gives him 56 feet to play with . He immediately ran out to the end of the leash to test his range. He wanted to see a large dog walking by with his owner, but his tether stopped him up short about three feet from the campground road. The bungee gave him a gentle tug, so hopefully he isn't bruising up his breast plate when he runs at full speed like that.

having this quick connect system, saves me from stringing up the clothes line, I typically run between the motorhome and a tree or picnic table,  to attach him to. He seems to like the retractable idea, as he doesn't tangle up near as much.

Just the same, I heard a really sad pathetic cry.  We dashed out to see what was the matter. Somehow, he had the new leash wrapped around his rear foot several times, as he tried to free himself, the leash was not cooperating.  In final frustration he let out his most pathetic "help me" cry, as he knows this brings me running immediately. Once he was freed, he joyfully resumed kicking his football around. I will go play Frisbee with him, when I am done with this blog.
Whoever designed this sign, hasn't walked a dog. 

Yesterday, I posted a blog with my map, the map seems to enlarge when clicked, but the other pictures don't on my end. I have no idea what is wrong. Blogger editor and I are often at odds with each other. *sigh*. I just can't seem to keep up with technology. Back in the 80's when I had an American career, I was on the cutting edge, but once I went to the Caribbean, I fell hopelessly behind, destined to never fully catch-up again.

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