Saturday, July 26, 2014

Holidaze Hospice

Another beautiful day in paradise. I forced myself to get up early to stumble out on the patio sitting and rocking staring at the lake meditating for inner peace and outer health. It is well worth the effort, though sometimes I hesitate in bed, but I say to myself "Self you have this golden opportunity RIGHT NOW to go enjoy the tranquil morning in near perfect weather before the heat and humidity roll in. It's a special gift don't waste it. Tomorrow may never happen but today is here and it's for the living! Get up! Go forth!"

I guess Harley Dog somehow got the 24 hour bug, but he is fine now. He didn't like it that I chased him to the other end of the tiny motorhome while I disassembled the bed for rebuilding. 

First off it's built into the rear of the motorhome and enclosed on 2 full sides and about a third on the 2 remaining sides, so making it up with all fresh linens is a real chore. Just getting the pillows off the bed and finding somewhere to store them temporarily is a feat in itself.

Add to that I am a pillow-holic. Harley seems to have become one too. I have 3 jumbo sofa pillows so I can relax fully upright in bed like a sofa or a lounge chair. My bed has windows surrounding 3 sides, so it's all rather cheerful when I am stuck there recuperating. Then I have 4 feather sleep and cuddle pillows plus Harley has a bed pillow that isn't feather, but he keeps begging for same. *Sigh*. He sleeps on it or under it, depending on his body temperature. Sometimes he tries to steal my feather pillows. So right now between the two of us, we have 8 pillows on the bed and we manage to use them all. 

It's my padded cell (and I love it!)

Maybe I should name my wheel estate "Holidaze Hospice" because that's pretty much what it is. I pretend I am on holiday, but I am really in a daze and recuperating which is a fancy term for attempting to stay comfy til the end. But I am going to get well and plow a new path. 

I can feel a miracle on the horizon and that makes me super happy.

Life is goof. 

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Bless you!

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  1. That's good when you can feel a miracle in the works.


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