Monday, July 14, 2014

Yippie doodle doo!

I am a juggler... who keeps dropping her jugs...

Doggy and I were up at 5am so we could go outside to enjoy the cool morning before the heat of a summer day that promised to be hot and sticky. We were both very sleepy, but it seemed a shame to miss out on such a glorious start.

I sat in the rocking chair swaying back and forth, staring at the lake, cuddling a very sleepy puppy dog while listening to the birds tweet and twitter as morning slowly unfolded. There were no other sounds, just nature. 

Fortified with a cup of coffee, I felt strong enough to tackle a walk. We went around the park marveling at mother nature while doing some tidying up, relocating random litter to garbage bins. We were treated with the site of a great blue heron who would briefly fly above the lake shore, then land to pick around searching for breakfast. She seems to favor this area, I see her every morning for weeks now. 

I just wanted to smile, pretend I'm fine, the world was beautiful and all was grand. The spirit is willing but the body is flailing but surely I will find my way. By 9am, I was exhausted, chased back into my lair for a temporary respite. Healing takes time and rest.


I made it through another day! Yippie doodle doo! I have so much to be grateful for!

Oh to be like a whimsical magical mermaid sitting by the moon wishing upon a star.

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