Friday, July 04, 2014

Sultry Gremlins

Is technology having a heat stroke?

This is  UM
(Unidentified Motorhome)

I have a cell phone, a computer phone and an unlisted landline phone provided by the park where I am currently workamping.

My cell phone has been in a coma for about a week. I am so overwhelmed with everything else, I just haven't had time to do anything about it. Suddenly this morning it sprang to life bugging me about voice mail. There were several odd messages. My voice mail doesn't tell me when the call came in until I punch a bunch of buttons. Eventually I determined some of the messages were from 12 days ago! Why these have been lost in the system all this time, I have no idea. Suddenly the phone was fully recovered from it's previous coma, allowing me to actually call out on it.

Another voice mail was a frantic "On my way to see you! Call me!" and ironically it was only a few minutes old. I have no idea why the phone didn't just ring and allow me to answer it. So I called them back throughout the day, getting no answer. So far, a no show.

Later in the day, the park phone rang with a very strange recording "We are sorry you have had to hold so long we have to disconnect this call, but you can call us back at such and such number and someone will speak to you right away."


I didn't bother to call the mysterious toll free number. I have all the phones listed on the National Do Not Call Registry at

This is supposed to block telemarketers and recorded calls.

Just the other day, I had several hang-up phone calls on the unlisted park's landline phone. Finally I did the *69 code which tells you what number called, because I was a tad annoyed to be getting quite a few of these. The number quoted back to me was my own computer phone number.


My computer is harassing my landline phone?

How can that be? Is it jealous? Does it want me to pay attention? Does it feel neglected?

Kind of like my exhaust fan that has been squealing and screeching every time I try to use it. In this hot humid weather, cooking has become really strange. I need the exhaust fan to use the propane stove since I've been keeping the RV close up tight with much needed air conditioning. Sure I can scramble eggs in the microwave, but I prefer eggs scrambled in a fry pan unless I am making a sandwich.  In that case I whip up the raw eggs in a Corelle bowl close to the same size as the bread, then I microwave the eggs. They come out in one scrambled piece to plop down on the bread. It's rather handy but I am trying to give up bread and I ran out anyhow.

Today the fan came on nice and quiet, all happy. No squeak, no squeal, no screeching.

Life is goof.

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  1. Thanks for posting the no call thing. I have been getting creep sales calls again.


Life is goof!