Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Poor Baby

I took Harley dog on a walk this morning up the street to our mailbox that is nearly a half mile away. We were able to finish cleaning up the garbage in the ditches on the road, so it looks lovely again. I only carry the one bucket for garbage, so once it's full, I have to stop cleaning until I get back to the park to empty the garbage. Many days there is more than a bucketful, other days we get lucky and get to lengthen our walk way past the mailbox. Either way we come home with the mail and a bucket of garbage.

When we got home again, Harley just collapsed on the patio, looking oh so sad. I washed his outside water bowl placing fresh purified water in it. He didn't touch it. I thought that was very peculiar. He usually gulps down a bowl full when we get back. I tried to play Frisbee with him and he wasn't interested.

Instead he walked over to the RV door looking sad. I opened up the door, then picked him up to cuddle him. He just rested his head on my chest like he was exhausted.

All day he moped around inside and outside with that pathetic face. Mid afternoon we laid down for a nap. I tried to console him, he definitely was off his game. I rubbed his belly, I brushed his fur, I got a toy to play with him and he wasn't interested in anything but looking so sad.  Finally I gave up and had just dozed off when *SPLAT*.

I jumped up out of bed a bit confused, it wasn't raining but *ahem* Harley had thrown up on my clothes and the bed. He walked to the front door where he leaned on it cowering in shame.

Poor baby.

Poor me.

I gently took him outside then came back in to change my clothes, wash up the bed and go back to check on him. He just wanted to be held and cuddled looking oh so miserable.

It was one sad afternoon. But eventually I took him on another walk around the park while we did our park patrol duties and he seemed a tad more lively.

By nightfall, whatever was bothering him, seems to be gone now. He's eaten half his daily food and drank more water. He is sitting by me as I type looking like he is going to be just fine.



  1. Awww poor Harley!! Hope he's well and jumping now! :)

  2. Poor baby! Dogs seem to have days like that. Glad he was feeling better. Too bad it was on you and bed. Did you get the leak in your roof fixed? Sounded bad. Have a great night!!


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