Monday, July 21, 2014

Qwacking Up

I used to have a super simple movie maker program one could use for making a fast snappy slide show with captions. Well that program has vanished into thin air, being replaced by something called Windows Essentials.

So what I used to do in a few fast minutes, now takes hours. I am unclear about this kind of upgrade. Not sure why a super simple fast program was replaced with a cumbersome slow one.

I fought with the program and the captions and finally just kind of gave up after a few hours and deleted the captions because I couldn't seem to make them appear in a sensible manner. The more I tried to edit, the worse it became.

If you are subscribing to this by email, then you might have to go to the blog link to actually see the slideshow.


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  1. Had to go to YouTube.Neither email nor website worked.Of course,it could be my computer. :)


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