Thursday, July 24, 2014


I need to be an octopus! So much to do and so little hands. Harley dog is fine again, eating and not hurling it up. We went for a long walk around the receding lake shore this evening. He had fun sniffing and digging, poking and exploring while I tidied up with my litter picker. What a lucky dog.

Behind the fan is a cold air return for the furnace, I had to remove
to get to the leaky plumbing. The fan is drying out the wet flooring under there.
My RV is a wreck as I tackle silly projects.

Even after the rains, I found more water... some sort of plumbing in an impossible place to reach wasn't connected right. Felt like I was remodeling the kitchen just to get to it.  After removing a panel, I saw water and electricity! Yikes, I don't think those mix too well, so I unplugged the RV until I was through playing around with the plumbing. I wrapped the pipe in Eternabond and that fixed the leak. Then I brought the outside patio fan inside to blow dry the soggy wet under cabinet area otherwise known as no man's land!
Can be used on plumbing emergencies too.

That might explain why my 12volt clip-on fans blew their fuses the other day. I tried to use them when it was raining inside and they refused to work. Maybe the 12 volt converter didn't like sitting in water. It is installed under the settee near the floor where the plumbing leak was. I have two little clip-on 12 volt fans. I use them in the spring and fall when I park and leave doggy inside the RV while I fetch food from a grocery store. I open the windows, then turn on the 12volt fans so he has plenty of air circulation. In the heat of summer, I have to use the generator and AC to keep him cool, but rest of the year, open windows and a fan work fine.

12 volt fans can be super useful for cars, RV's, boondocking and solar powered situations. I had several installed on my boat, over every bunk and in the galley too.

I also use the fans to speed dry wet laundry hanging inside, and of course I use them for air circulation when needed. They clamp onto anything, from the table to the window valances. Luckily my RV came with 12 volt outlets in the bedroom and living area plus one up front with the dash. They also help in the summer to speed cool the RV, turn on the AC and both extra little clip-on fans and it cools down in a hurry.

After years of sleeping on boats with the hatch above my bunk delivering Caribbean trade winds across my face all night, I find it hard to sleep without a fan, so I often use one of the clip on fans over my RV bed anytime I can have open windows and the wind isn't blowing. Also, it helps cool the bedroom quicker in the summer. I like to air out the RV every morning whenever possible. Then eventually I close it back up for heating or cooling.

Probably also from my decades in the tropics, where I lived with fresh air 24/7. I don't like being cooped up too long without fresh wholesome air. Airing out the motorhome so often slighly adds to the housekeeping, but products in the home sometimes emit residual gasses and chemicals. Ever smelled new carpet that stunk up a place? Anyhow, fresh air is always a good thing for chasing out any fumes that might be lingering, removing dog and human odors as well as exchanging carbon-dioxide for oxygen.

Still no roof repairs. But soon come... I hope.

I'd love to put my wheel estate on a barge and relocate to this lush island in the lake.
If I go MIA... check the island, maybe I found a way to move there.

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  1. Glad Harley is feeling better. I love that Eternabond Tape. It fixed the leak in my rv roof. It's so expensive though. Hope you can get your roof fixed before the next rain. Have a wonderful day!! Get some rest!!


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