Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oopsy Doodle

Back soon.

I hope.

A bit of unbelievable chaos has just consumed every spare ounce of time and energy.

I'm very sick.
The wheel estate is sick.
It's pouring down rain outside.
It's pouring down rain inside. YES INSIDE!
Something has gone bad wrong with the AC unit that was installed last October and it's peeing rain and water inside all over the place. It's also pouring down rain inside and outside.

An interconnecting cabinet full of water, wet stuff dumped out everywhere and this is a very small RV, so the dog and I can barely move around all this wet drippy stuff. Rain running across the ceiling dripping all over floor and upholstery, roof AC pouring out water all over floor. Every dry towel pressed into service and no way to dry them all back out again until the rain stops. I don't even know where the closest laundry is, not that I can get there anyhow, at this point.

I feel like an amputated octopus.

I guess it's funny, a mermaid with TOO MUCH WATER!

That's the tip of the iceberg here...

There's another major problem that is so complicated that I am having trouble understanding it, but my email, internet, phone and bank were all shut down in a matter of hours over some mumbo jumbo I am still sorting out. Everyone I try to call (using the park phone since mine stopped working) is keeping me on hold for hours, being so mysterious saying corporate speak like "failed security" and "suspicious activity" and I am clueless and can't get them to cough up an explanation. I was just trying to paying my internet bill when all hell broke loose in ten different directions on the techno front.

Oh and I had to wait for the mail to deliver my phone cord, because I broke the cord to the park's corded phone! Good grief.

So... I am one exhausted mermaid and my poor doggy is confused and slightly neglected.

I have to go now, climb over this big wet mess and rest awhile.

Back soon!



  1. Oh, goodness..that's terrible. I sure hope the rain stopped at least.Hope problems can be solved soon. Prayers going your way!


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