Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Soundmaker

Lost in music.

I will try anything to get well and stay well including the powerful influence of music. From dancing to meditating, it's wonderfully healing to have music back in my life.

Normally I dislike TV and rarely ever watch it, but I do have a few thousand movies and shows on a hard drive someone gave me. I can watch these on the TV or the computer. Mostly I do this late at night before sleeping or if I am stuck in bed sick but not sleeping. I set the TV to turn itself off after 20-60 minutes depending on how long I think I might last before dozing off. Sometimes it takes me over a week to watch one movie, because I see it in 10-15 minute increments.

Last night I was bouncing off the walls until late in the night trying to do so many different things. As I was about to tear the bed apart to climb inside it, I turned on the TV for lighting. I know that sounds weird, but it's the easiest light to reach. I was debating about starting a movie.

Ironically the David Letterman show lit up my tiny bedroom with the start of this awesome guitar duo "Rodrigo y Gabriela" performing "The Soundmaker".

20 fingers
12 strings
2 artists

My jaw dropped down. My ears perked up into high alert (even the dog stopped cleaning his crotch to pay attention). I stopped fussing with the bed to sit down to watch these two battle it out with only two guitars. It was an amazing show of incredulous talent that left me scrambling for pen and paper to write their names down.

I've never heard such passionate fiery music resonate from one duo with only two acoustic guitars.

A little research this morning turned up that their live performance I was fortunate enough to see was their song "The Soundmaker" from their album "9 Dead Alive" which is available for purchase as a CD or a download, either the whole album or just one song from Amazon. 

There is just nobody to compare them to. Listen for yourself if you want to tune in to something truly extraordinaire. Pure raw talent that duplicates no one.

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