Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting The Dirt Out of My Life


10:11 PM 7/14/2010

Back in business thanks to loving angels! My life has been a whirlwind since coming to Michigan.

Things are happening fast and I am getting stronger every day.

Yes, I am getting geared up for the long awaited book tour and working on finishing up my next book.

I plan to keep this blog going daily... equipment, internet and the Gods, willing. I've been out of touch while my electronic life went into an upheaval. Santa Claus arrived with a refurbished laptop that works perfectly. Christmas in July. An early gift from angels.

Now if only I could play catch-up and get organized again. I had backups, um, I thought I did. They seem to be a few weeks old. *sigh* But atleast they are THERE. I have so many different writing projects going on, plus email, blogs, promoting the book, updating web pages, consulting and on and on.

Puppy loves to play catch now. He actually brings the ball back to me. He likes to rotate between football, golf, tennis and softball.

The carpet was ripped out of my motorhome. YIPPEE! Good rittance. It was only 16 years old, was faded and shaded into mulitple odd colors. It was so beat up, it looked like it had been vaccuumed once annually, if at all.

An emabaressing pile of dirt, dust,and sand came out with the carpet and felt padding. (That was after I had vacuumed it four times with a borrowed heavy duty carpet beating dirt sucking vaccuum cleaner.)

I was living with a dirt floor, disguised as carpet.

I might as well have skipped the vacuuming all together. Removing the carpet created a dust bowl INSIDE the motorhome.

So on a cleaning rampage I went while we took turns yanking staples out of the plywood subfloor.

Half the tile was laid yesterday and half today. It was a zillion custom cuts to do a motorhome in vinyl tiles.

The final project is about 99% done and the floors look awesome. I am feeling so much better.

Getting the dirt out of my life.

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