Monday, July 26, 2010

AT&T Finally let me post Pictures, Yippee!


A fanciful sign found while I was out hiking in Coolville Ohio. 

I feel like I am being watched on this hike.

This Swan got his feathers in a big ruffle. His family was crossing the dam, to get to another lake. This car pulled up way too close, rather than hang back and let the family go by in peace. So this swan ruffled his feathers to make himslef look really big and he stood in the road, quite defiantly, while his family waddled across.  He glared at the driver for some few minutes, then slowly made his way across. I was just so grateful the driver didn't run them all down, he was in such a big hurry.  On a dead end road.

Ohio Sunrise over the Christmas trees.

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