Friday, July 02, 2010

On The Road Again, Maybe

I hope to get on the road again today. Places to be, things to do. I took a day of work and rest yesterday. I don't like to drive long trips every day. That 240-ish miles I did the day before, just zapped me out. I tried to use yesterday to catch up on maintenance around the motorhome. I took the Air conditioner unit partially apart four times before I got it fixed right.

Now there's a REAL HARLEY, my puppy was named after Harley Davidson. I tried to trade him for the real Harley, shown here. It looks so perfect, parked next to my motorhome. It costs a heck of a lot more than my motorhome. The owner had no sense of humor, when I offered up puppy and my motorhome for his Harley. He and his wife showed up in an impressive mega dollar rig, towing two shiny red Harleys on a trailer. I could live out of a small backpack and ride the Harley to sight see. Camping would have ot be rather rustic though. But I could do it. Hmm...

The campground host came by to collect another night's stay, while I was trying to put it all back together. I was standing on a stool, holding the AC cover overhead, while trying to hold screws and operate the screwdriver, and looking for my third hand (where is that 3rd hand when you need it?) He was pushing his technician, one that lives nearby, that will come for free but charge. What that means is, he doesn't charge the $80 travel fee to come to you, but once he shows up, he is on the clock.


I carefully explained I try to do much of my own work, while the AC unit suddenly crashed down on my head. The host moved along to the next site, while I untangled my mess and looked for a credit card to give him, on his trip back through.

Harley loves to flop one ear back and go rooting around the grass, sniffing everything.

My camera is acting up. I've certainly put it through loads of work, as I use it almost daily. I take hundreds of shots, hoping for a good one. Lately I've had lots of blurry ones and out of focus stuff ad bad coloring. I can understand the puppy shots being out of focus. Harley moves so fast, he is very hard to capture on the camera. A friend was bragging they had bought a new camera. I asked what they were doing with their old one. "Probably selling it on E-bay." I thought this odd, as my friend has never sold a thing on Ebay.

Harley FOUND what he was looking for, something smelly to roll in, while he inadvertantly tied himself up with the leash.

I tried my luck selling stuff on Ebay and it was a disaster for me. I know it works for millions, but for me, it was a huge costly mess. I think Ebay waits for idiots like me to show up and miss the super fine print. Apparently free listing is NOT a free listing. I signed up for free listings and got billed a small fortune that sent me in a tail spin.

Just like with AT&T, unlimited internet does not mean unlimited internet access. Not in the AT&T dictionary. The big corporations have sought to rewrite the dictionaries and keep us lowly fools confused. Free is not free, not when Ebay says it's free and unlimited is not unlimited with AT&T says it is.

But, I woke up alive and it feels just wonderful! Another day! Another gift! I am soooooooooo lucky. I spent time thanking my angels. There are angels among us. Some are from the other world and some walk right beside us in human form. Some turn up when you least expect it, at your darkest hour, and guide you through the light. Sometimes I wonder if the angels are waiting to bring me over, to the other side. Other times, I feel them push me back, telling me I have something great to do while still on earth.

What could I do that would be so great? I try to be nice, to give others the benefit of the doubt, to assume good in all. It seems sometimes I am on trial. Recently I had someone in my face cursing, screaming, yelling and freaking out, scaring me something awful. I was frightened. The angel kept whispering to me, "ignore them, they are sick and can not help their awful actions."

Then, the  other night, at Paris Mountain State Park Campground, in South Carolina someone tried to frighten me in my motorhome at the wee hours of the night, before I realized it was children sneaking out of their campground to come over and harass me at 1am. I almost pepper sprayed a little kid! I wanted to go chase him down, grab him by the ear and present him back to his parents "I think this is YOURS and he was knocking on my motorhome repeatedly, then running and hiding, while I got up searching for WHO is out there at 1am." The kid did this about five times before I scared him back ad almost shot him a face full of pepper spray. I am sure the parents would have been irate had I done that, but I thought perhaps at 1am, they should have their young children on their own campsite and not on mine. I had no idea if it was a burglar, checking to see how soundly I slept or what. The park gates are locked at 9pm, so when I woke up to someone knocking on my door, I was puzzled all around. But when it kept up every 10-15 minutes for the next two hours, I became alarmed. Puppy was nervous and barking up a storm, so it was not good all around. At the last split second, I realized I was looking at a little kid and not a big bad boogie man but I was a nanosecond away from shooting off the pepper spray. The next day, every time the kids walked near my campsite, the puppy would go berserk. He didn't like them anymore (and neither did I).

Good grief. This morning, puppy escapes his harness and took off after a dog that must have weighed well over 100 pounds. One thing about tiny dogs, I am discovering, they come with BIG attitude. Harley thinks every dog, no matter their size and every human was put here to be his buddy. He is finding out that not all dogs and many humans, are not social at all.

Lucky for him, this dog was friendly, and looked at Harley as a curious amusement rather than a potential hors d'oeuvre. I ran to rescue him before he became a pest or just a BURP. One annoying thing, is when he escapes, he doesn't come when called. Today, he actually let me scoop me him up rather than play leap frog chase with me. Running is not my strong suit, what with past injuries and current problems. I came back winded with pains and it scared me. I chanted for my angels to let this pass. In a few moments I felt fine again. Well as fine as can be expected. Another day to see what the powers to be have unfolded for me. I am so grateful, puppy was not left an orphan. I must push harder with his training. But he is a puppy, it all takes time.

It was 41 degrees when I woke up the first time. I was c-c-cold so I turned on the electric bed warmer and went back to sleep. Puppy dog was curled up in a teeny tiny itsy bitty ball. He was about the size of a furry grapefruit.

The electric bed warmer is actually a warming mattress pad that covers the entire mattress top. I bought mine on sale, the cheap model, but it has 10 settings and it works wonders. In minutes the bed is nice and cozy. I felt so blessed.

Well, now I must do 101 things to get on the road again. Gosh, it's already past 9am, so much for an early start.

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Oh LOOK!  My Harley stood still long enough for a quick picture!  That harness is as tight as the super small size would go and STILL he can escape it.

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