Friday, July 23, 2010

Strange Noises Down Bumpy Thumpy Roads

Delaware State Park in Ohio
We parked here overnight July 5, 2010

Today in the soybean field, the winds are blowing ferociously. The motorhome rocks back and forth, like a boat in choppy seas. And that is with most all the windows open! I shall open the rest, though the ones in the guest loft are hard as heck to reach unless I hook up the inside ladder. Hmm... maybe I can stand on the driver's seat and passenger seat, then reach them. I converted the double bunk to a single bunk the other day. It goes both ways. When I have company, I always have it at the double bunk size, excuse me, they call it the Queen bunk because the sleeping area is the size of a queen sized bed. 

It's the only area of the motorhome the puppy cannot reach on his own. So my guest lost is "puppy free". Luckily he is a breed of dog that doesn't shed. What luck! He is fully housebroken, meaning he does his restroom business outdoors and he doesn't bother ANY of my stuff in the motorhome.

Last night though, he grabbed his little water dish, and chewed very neatly around the edges. Maybe he wanted to mark it as HIS. Well, there is no doubt now, which little plastic dish is his. I haven't bothered to buy him doggy bowls. I just use the little cheap plastic ones because they have lids. When we travel, I have to cover up any leftover food and put it away anyhow. Also, I sometimes put ice cubes in a covered bowl, then when we stop, I can just pop the lid off and let him drink some cool water, pop the lid back on and off we go again. Seems I do more dishes for him, than for me. This is the first time he has felt obligated to mark his dish with his teeth.

He is teething, his adult teeth are coming in. I give him doggy treats that he can chew on, so he doesn't chew on my stuff. Good doggy!

I so very rarely buy any frozen food, so my small freezer holds ice cube trays and a plastic rectangular container of ice. I dump the frozen trays into the container, so I always have a container full of ice. Someone thought I had an ice-maker on board. I made them a tall glass of iced tea and they saw me reach in the big container of ice and fill up their glass. I explained, I do have an ice-maker, it's ME. I guess it's the Caribbean soul in me that wants to always have plenty of ice on hand. When I was measuring the freezer to figure out what sized container would fit in there to hold ice cubes, I ended up buying a plastic container advertised as a shoe box size. So I guess you could say, I keep a shoe box full of ice cubes in the motorhome freezer.

By the way, I do love the comments posted on my blogs. I had to change it to something like "Your comment has been sent for moderation" or something similar. I have super limited internet access currently, can only send and receive emails, and I am posting this by email.

When it works.

Which is not that often.

Anyhow, the ONLY reason I am moderating posts, is that I have been attacked by Oriental Porn Spam! Yes, they are relentless, posting comments to my every blog post, and the links take you to Oriental Porn Sites. How disgusting. Porn doesn't disgust me, it's the fact that they target my innocent blog to link to porn. I am not writing about porn and if you are looking for porn, you sure aren't looking here, so it it's so nonsensical to me. I don't know which oriental country is doing this, they often use the traditional oriental characters. Sometimes they post in English, some little blurb, with a link to their porn site. So now with the moderation button turned on, I am able to delete the porn spam before it starts. What a hassle. Any other comments made, that don't lead back to porn sites, I am posting "as is".

After an energetic game of fetch and catch,
Harley is tethered in his car seat, ready for travel, with his stuffed whale.
He is so tired, he can barely hold his head up.
Moments later, he and the whale were fast asleep.

While rambling down the road last Sunday, I had windows in the motorhome open, so I wouldn't need air conditioning, so I could save on gas. Over the stove, is a metal mini-blind and it was making a horrific noise as the wind blew through the mini blinds. I pulled over and shut that window. Then I got going again.

I could still hear a funny noise, as if the blinds were still making a noise, but I had no idea what it was. That is until I parked for the night.

There in the floor of my tiny galley (kitchen) were ALL my paper towels. The paper towel holder was empty, save for the cardboard tube. Apparently the wind from the windows, started the paper towels unfurling, and they landed in the floor. The entire roll!

It reminded me of my cats and how when they were kittens, they loved to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and leave it all piled up in the floor. My puppy dog looked very innocent, and as well he should. He was riding shotgun in the front seat, tethered to his 4 foot leash, which had been shortened to 2 feet. So he was completely innocent. He stared at the paper towels in the floor, then looked up at me with his innocent "I didn't do THAT" face.

Right now he is on his tether and the front door and screen door to the motorhome are fully open, so he can dash in and out. Right now he has chosen his little doggy bed to curl up in, rather than play outside. He is waiting for me to stop writing, and go out and play Frisbee with him. It's become his favorite game and we have three different types of Frisbees. All are designed not to hurt him, should he accidnetally get hit by a flying Frisbee.

He has also become a bondage expert. Sometimes he gets so excited, he ties himself up too. Other times, he races to meet me or greet someone, and he manages to tie up their ankles as fast as he can. It's funny.

I can't trust him outdoors loose yet. He runs wild and thinks nothing of running in the street! I hope when he gets older, I can train him to be with me and not be tethered all the time outdoors.

While driving Sunday, besides the mystery noise which turned out to be the unfurling paper towels, I heard a loud crash. Gosh I hate that. Later I figured out SOMEBODY forgot to put the chopping boards away before driving. Hmm... that somebody was me. Little old me. When I am parked, the boards sit vertical next to the stove, there is a little niche there, but if I drive off without putting them in a cabinet, they land on the floor with a LOUD noise, scaring me half to death, wondering if something hit me or if I hit something.

Architecture fascinates me.
The curious Islamic Center near Toledo, Ohio, gave us pause for the cause.
Had we drove through a time warp into a different country?

Amazingly I haven't hit much with my motorhome. Recently, I did touch my friend's house gutter and leave a small gouge on my fiberglass side, but no damage to their gutter. I was following their directions, so I had help with my gaffe.

The second time I ever drove my motorhome, which was to a gas station to top up, for when I got ready to go, the gas would already be in the tank, I got to the gas station and it was so crowded there wasn't room for me to even pull in. I passed the gas station and turned onto a side street, to look for a place to turn around. The other reason to keep a full gas tank, is for the generator. It was winter at the time, and I was worried the power might go out and it sure would be handy to have gas in the tank for the generator, which uses the same tank as the engine. Only caveat is, that, the generator will not start on less than a quarter tank of gas and it shuts down if it is running and a quarter tank of gas is reached. I suppose this is so that if you fall asleep with the generator running and you are parked in the middle of nowhere, you won't wake up to an empty gas tank.

My friend was riding with me to the gas station and he foolishly praised me for handling the motorhome so well. We had gone all of 3 miles. He had fussed at me for going only 25 miles an hour towards the gas station. I pointed out we were in a School Zone and the speed limit was 25. Duh...

Now we had passed the gas station and he fussed again. I explained that at 28 feet long, and the gas station so crowded, I didn't see anywhere to pull in and wait. I can't just pull into the staion a few feet and leave twenty-something feet sticking out in the road.

Now we were on a side street, and he said something nice like "You worry for nothing, you handle this really well!" Two seconds later we heard a loud THWAP. I had hit a low tree branch. The motorhome is 11 feet tall and well, the branch was dangling lower than that across the street. We giggled about it and luckily no damage was done, it was a very light tree branch which broke off when I hit it. Since then, when I am on a street with overhanging tree branches, I creep down the lane, really slowly. If the Fed Ex of UPS delivery truck has been there before me, then they have most likely trimmed the low branches back for me.

Harley just woke up and can't do a thing with his hair... 
He is very expressive with his ears, they are half mast here, until he fully wakes up.
As I write this, I see puppy curl up in his fluffy fleece lined doggy bed. Well actually, it's a cat bed. The label says so. But he can't read, and I don't care, there weren't any doggy beds that fit his tiny body and I know he likes to feel comfy and secure when in his own wittle bed. He must have been too hot in his bed, next he laid out on the new vinyl floor. Maybe that was too cool, next he moved to the throw rug. A moment later, he moved again, and laid half on, half off the rug.

He is patiently waiting for the Frisbee game to begin.

Soon as I can figure out how to post pictures on this low tech super slow internet connection, that only lets me do email and NOTHING else, I will post some pretty pics. Bear with me.

OK, I finally got some pics posted for you!

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