Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Glue Mends Almost Everything

Here I am, super gluing my life back together.
My flip-plop blew out. The flip-plops were replaced with a pair of cheap plastic slip-on sandals. I was out walking the dog, Harley, when I tripped and nearly splattered my face across the road.
I looked to see what I had tripped on and my cheap pair of shoes had fallen apart. The rubber on the bottom had parted company with the plastic on top. Gee wiz, I had worn them less than a month. I paid at least $2-3 for them.  Does nothing last?
So I got out the Super Glue, and put them back together, then put clothes pins on them to hold them until the Super Glue super-dried. 
Next, I put the window shades back together. The motorhome is trimmed out in brass hardware and gold-tone finishes on some stuff. The window shades came with these horizontal gold tone pulls at the bottom.  The windows are about 4 feet wide, as are the shades. More Super glue on the pull strips, all four feet, with two to do, that makes eight feet of Super Glue. I popped them back on and they have stayed glued ever since.
The window in my bedroom has a metal frame on the side that is used to pull the window open, as well as to lock it when it is closed. One day I opened the window, and the piece of metal fell off and landed with a clang in the floor, on my naked toes.
I said something unprintable. I hopped around on one leg, amusing the dog, who danced along with me. After dousing my toes in cold water, the pain subsided.
More Super Glue was put on the metal strip, then that was put back on the glass and viola, the window works fine now.
The built-in coffee maker has a strip of plastic, about an inch wide, that is looped through the fragile glass carafe pot handle, then velcroed to the sides of the coffee maker. This is so you don't hear glass shattering as you drive down the road, if the coffee carafe should pop loose.
Well, the velcro was coming off the sides of the coffee maker. So I Super Glued that back on. So far it's holding.
My tall broom, was bought in haste at a discount store. Later I noticed it had no loop on the end to hang it on a hook. If I don't hang it up, then the broom bristles will fold over from the weight and the broom will become useless.
I found 2 plastic wire ties, the kind that is sturdy plastic and locks to itself.  I looped one into an upside down U, then looped another one around that, slightly bigger than the broom handle. I put Super Glue on it, then tightened it on the broom handle, so that the vertical upside down U shaped plastic wire tie, now created a loop for the broom handle. I can install a hook and hang it up now.
I keep looking around to see what else is falling apart that I can Super Glue back to life.
Maybe my broken heart.
I came across pictures of my three cats and found myself in a puddle of tears. While two are rehomed in the Caribbean, I don't know the fate of the third one that flew to the USA with me. I will always wonder and worry. He was my best-est buddy for 9 plus years. I feel like I betrayed him by losing him, so foolishly. 
Super Glue is great stuff, but it can't mend a broken heart.


  1. that super glue is damn good stuff. Fixed my shoe soles with it the other day. It is used in surgery to glue body parts back together. may just mend a broken heart.

  2. Drop by when you have a minute - I have two blogs - A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings and Levonne's Pretty Pics. Thanks.


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